Managing products in a constantly developing e-store might at some point cause a major headache.

That is why an offer that has grown to include several thousand positions ought to be perfectly managed.

Otherwise, we will have to apologize to our customers because the ordered product is not available at our stock as well as cover the costs resulting from outdated prices etc. At some point, the simple solutions might become too simple and fail to perform. Hence, it is worth looking after a solution that will optimize product management and ensure that our offer is both up-to-date and properly presented at each and every channel.

Know the 4 premises that ought to encourage you to use a more efficient and complete solution for managing your e-store product catalog:

#1 Extended product catalog. Too much complicated management process

A majority of “e-commercers” continue to gradually extend their offers. Conducting simple management of several dozen or so products can surprisingly transform into a nightmare of overseeing hundreds, and even thousands of products – statuses, prices, indexes and whether manufacturers still got the product within their offer. Product feed management on higher levels of conducting e-business ought to be automated. Only then will you be able to successfully run your multichannel sales with feed adjusted to hundreds of partners integrated with the system.

#2 Support needed. Fast, non-automated and precisely meeting the current needs

Due to the aim to optimize costs, the initial steps of establishing sales in an e-store are often conducted on one’s own. After some time, when the sales develop our attention starts to wander off towards different areas that consume an increasing amount of time. Support in product management might become mandatory in order to fully use the potential of the offer. Fast, individual and competent support can save time in abundance.

#3 Thousands of products – necessary automation and simple management

In order to successfully conduct management of products that are directed to different channels, you sometimes need to make some data modifications. The system ought to allow you to do this. Simple changes in key parameters give much advantage, all the more if you can view it in real-time. Modifying the content of the product file ought to take place in accordance to simple rules. Furthermore, introducing advanced modifications ought to be simple as well. This can be facilitated by an intuitive and useful interface that does not require your technical know-how.

#4 Individual co-operation with each new sales channel. Constantly growing costs

Upon launching co-operation with a supplier of a feed management system, you will also gain certain useful privileges. This resembles the business models of affiliate networks. You do not reach publishers such as Shopalike czy Domodi directly, but do it via an intermediary. Thus, you only pay the latter. This reduces costs. Furthermore, correspondence becomes limited to conversation with only one partner, instead of several dozens.