When Web 2.0 trend became popular,
online stores got new possibilities of engaging their customers.

Reviewing and commenting products gave both business owners and customers many interesting benefits.

Web 2.0 in online stores

Web 2.0 is kind of paradigm that has been used by websites since 2001. Its aim was to make users create content for the websites by sharing interesting posts and websites with other users. This was the reason why websites whose users shared and commented external content became quickly popular and recognizable.

Some of the above features were quickly adopted at online stores. Realizing how many benefits user-generated content can bring, online stores enabled users not only to rank specific products but also to write actual reviews. This allowed online stores owners to elaborate their online strategy.

Why user-generated content is so important for online stores?

It’s quite a challenge to find the store that doesn’t allow their users to review or rate their products. Even if there are still some e-stores that don’t let their users review products, they are sure to make it possible soon. Have a look at the reasons why all online stores are bound to let users generate content:

1. The way to review a newly bought product
You get feedback about the product quality as well as the delivery process and customer service. It lets other users to see genuine reviews by people who actually bought and tested the product. Such opinions, provided they are positive, are much more effective than targeted ads prepared by agencies or marketing teams.

2. A good promotional material
User’s review left on the e-store website can be easily used as the promotional copy for social media or other communication channels. It can be used as testimonial, written on the creative or used in a short video, article or a landing page

3. Good influence on SEO
Each e-commerce retailer does their best to appear at high positions in search results. When you let users comment, you get extra unique content that improves your SEO listings.
One of the elements that influences SEO is regular website updates. When users add their comments, they help your e-store in two ways. Firstly, they regularly update your website. Secondly, they add long tail keywords, which also gives a nice kick for your SERPs.

4. Stronger customer to business relations
Letting users review products is good not only for promotional and SEO purposes but also it cements customer attachment to your brand. The customer who decides to leave a few words aren’t forced to do it. They decide to review products because they can benefit from it, for example get promo codes, freebies or other kind of gratification. Or, they do it out of good will, they simply want to share their views. No matter the reason, letting users leave a few words as well as encouraging them to do so creates sort of the bond that works good for the client retention.

Is it a good idea to
let users leave comments and reviews in your e-store?

Content created by users is an important element of each modern website. It applies to online stores too, since user-generated content is the key to promotional, SEO and customer retention activities.

When you run an online store, be sure to let your users and customers add a few words from their part. Think how you can use organic content and how to engage and encourage users to rate, review and comment the products or services that you offer.