Deploying a paid campaign on Google is not a big challenge. It needs just some attention

It needs just some attention, selection of key phrases and an account top up. The most important, however element in leading an effective campaign on Google Shopping platform is the ability to manage them in a way that will keep ROI ratio (return on investment) on a proper level. What sales operation advertising areas should we pay attention to? What negative influences can bring our Google Shopping sales down?

  • Weigh your words and group phrases – let’s imagine a following scenario – the user types “bluetooth headphones” into search engine. Your shop’s offer contains the newest models of that kind of headphones but your advertising campaign isn’t divided into groups – it shows only general, undetailed headphones advert. That kind of practice is ineffective and they decrease budget quickly. Advert groups should reflect online shop’s structure of categories.

  • not including number of views into analysis – still one of the most common
    mistakes, it seems that it could be a completely irrelevant information to run campaign analysis. This information can be used as a reference – if we know advert’s views ratio, we will know what contribution it has. Hence we are able to acknowlege how much do we use of our campaign’s potential and to conclude the reasons in order to calculate the turnover.

  • unconfigured excluded key phrases – excluded key phrases configuration omission can make our campain burn out the resources that have been put into it. Why is it so necessary? Mainly because, advertisements which won’t meet our campaign’s assumptions might be displayed. For example if you run e-boutique with clothes and accessories for women and there is only “leather belts” then without exclusion of “men leather belts” an unmatched advertisement can be displayed in search results.

  • ignoring opponents – it’s obvious that your shop’s offer is not the only one in the whole market. The competitors might have discovered an effective ways of advertising leading to good outcomes. So it is important to verify and identify our opponents’ actions in the same channel of acquiring orders and orders. Taking a closer look at those actions can help you in decision-making when it comes to making a choice of more effective offer’s presentation form.

  • ignoring analisys and lack of campain optimisation – in the online world, every little click is measurable. By leading an advertisement campaign through Google Shopping platform we have access to every single detail of our actions. Only this way we, are able to optimise our advertising solutions and strategy in paid acquiring traffic source and orders.

Google Shopping offer’s presentation is not only about acquiring paid traffic. That kind of campaigns help to develop an image of our shop, its outreach and recognisability amongst users. Therefore it is essential to approach that kind of advertising actions with an appropriate attention, with precisely defined goals and to keep it optimised. Otherwise we might be disappointed by the negative results in the very beginning.