A store is trustworthy when users do shopping and believe that the store wants to help them.

Recurring clients have already showed their trust so they continue online shopping at a specific store. However, new users are more reluctant to show trust so getting them to your online store is quite a challenge. Have a look at 5 tricks that help to build online trust.

1. Light and clear design

Online stores packed with banners, graphics and links are the thing of the past. Now it’s time for light designs where fonts, colors and white spaces go well with high quality pictures and copywriting. Users find it easy to get familiar with the product base as well as find other information they need to know.

Today e-store designs are elegant, minimalist and offer user friendly navigation and easy access to essential information. Why should you consider such design strategy too? Too much design elements may create the impression that you want distract user’s attention in order to hide something. It wouldn’t help you to gain user’s trust.

2. Use bullet-proof payment systems

Trustworthy online store uses reliable tools and systems. Instead of trying shady and complicated solutions or service providers, it’s best to choose reliable and already trusted partners.
There are quite a few electronic payment systems that allow users to make safe payments: PayMill, Trustly, Skrill or other brands specific to a given country or region. If you want to start an international business, it’s a good idea to use PayPal.

On top of that, you need to remember about cash on delivery (COD) option, which according to internet users is another method of safe online shopping, since you can check the delivered products and deny to make payment for the delivery if the product is faulty.

3. Make it easy for buyers to get in contact you

Contact page is a key element of the online store, just like other contact methods that your offer in a few parts of the website. If you make it easy for users to contact you, ask about the product and delivery or simply air their concerns, they will surely appreciate your proactive attitude.
As far as contact is concerned, it’s not only about contact options (e-mail, telephone, instant messenger or dedicated online store chat) but also about how they work. Make sure all contact options work properly and provide your prospects and clients with all information they need.

4. Make sure to get reviews on other websites

When you add your store to price comparison sites, you create a shop profile so that users can leave reviews and comments about thei shopping experience. Such opinions are a valuable source of information as well as on of the elements that help to build trust among internet users.
Gathering positive feedback in comparison engines as well as review sites helps to not only build trust among potential buyers but serves as a promotion channel too.
How to convince users to leave reviews? The best way to persuade them to do so is to let them know about such possibility via e-mail while confirming the order shipment or a couple of days after the delivery.

5. Abide by the rules and online safety guideliens

Trusted online store works in accordance with the law. It means that they place all documents and information required by law in a place that is easily accessible by everyone. Rules and regulations, privacy policy are essential here. It’s important that you should have those documents prepared by a legal professional. This way you won’t run the risk of placing abusive clauses in your rules and regulations.
It’s the same case as far as safety is concerned. Since online stores let users to set up accounts in order to make further purchases faster, it’s important to make sure that proper certificates and safety requirements are in place. That will help to avoid any personal data thefts or other security issues.

Why you should build a trusted online store?

Online store is a business that can generate lots of profits if you go about it in a clever way. Developing, taking care of brand and building customer trust will help you to get more customers that are attracted not only by your prices but also online safety, comfort and secure payment processing.