Year can be divided into a few cycles,
When you can be pretty sure that some products will grow popular
while others will lose selling power

Selling cycles repeat year by year so you can easily work out your success strategy. Basically, you plan what products will be prevailing in your e-store in a specific phase. Plus, you work out the strategy that will help you boost the sales of the products which lose temporarily popularity and are still in bulk in your warehouse.

Your best plan is to effectively sell the products by means of various sales tricks. How to go about it? You’ll find the answer in below 5 ways to clear your warehouse of viable goods.

1. Think through your warehouse policy before the season starts

Unless you sell exclusive spirits, noble metals or antiquities, clearance sales should start well before the sales season starts… It’s best to start off with analyzing the sales reports from previous years to decide how many product batches are necessary. If you take this analytical approach, you’ll end up with less unsold products what could be hard to sell next year.
However, if you’re stuck with products that can wait for the next season, just have a look below what you can do to sell them.

2. Special Offer or Clearance?

Special offers and clearance sales might sound similar but they have totally different meanings in fact. Special offers are used to boost the sales thanks to some extras or price reductions that make them look attractive to customers.
Clearance means that an e-store wants to get rid of a specific product batches, which suggests that the prices are heavily reduced in order to clear the warehouse for the new arrivals.
When it comes to getting user’s attention, ‘clearance’ works much better since the consumers have learnt that it means high reductions. When you need to empty your warehouse, use the word ‘clearance’ and focus your activities around such terminology.

3. Clearance can be done outside your e-store

Season clearance doesn’t have to be done only in your e-store. You can use other online outputs where you can sell your merchandise.
One of the places you can do it is Amazon or Ebay where users can bid and buy your goods. Another good place to sell your lingering merchandise are the online marketplaces focused on specific product types. Those places are a perfect choice if you want to sell your products at attractive prices without displaying your brand. You get warehouse clearance and brand safety at the same time.
However, if you need or want to make the clearance sale without hiding the brand?

4. Create a separate subdomain for clearance purposes

One of the e-commerce clichés says that customers judge the book by its cover. Given that, it’s best to create a separate subdomain dedicated to a specific clearance sale. That way the chances that consumers will buy what you need to sell now.
Every e-commerce platform and custom shopping engine should have the functionality that lets you create a new category or subdomain where you can present all clearance products. What is important, the URL that directs to the site should be short and easy to remember, for example
When your clearance site is ready, you can start off with marketing activities. Actually, before you start it there is one more thing to do:

5. Show the clearance offer your best customers first

When the clearance offer is ready, let your loyal customers see it first. What will be appreciated by them is the custom newsletter with the voucher code that allows them to do clearance shopping before it’s open for everybody. This way you build the trust and good relationship with your customers, which translates later into higher income from loyal customers.

Clearance is an essential element of your warehouse policy. When it’s well planned and carious out successfully, clearance sale guarantees additional turnover as well as strengthens business to customer relations. It’s also a perfect advertising tool for new products that you’re introducing to your offer this season.