Getting aroound and knowing your ways
in Google Merchant Center can be challenging at the beginning.

Have a look at below six common issues that you might encounter when you start working with GMC.

1. Lack of key elements from the product page

The first thing that you need to remember is that there are 7 main elements that are essential for e-buyers. You product feed needs to have following elements:

a) product title
b) product description
c) product picture
d) product price
e) product availability
f) “buy” button

It’s crucial that all above elements should be correct, day and night. Every time any of the above elements changes, the product feed needs to be updated.

2. Wrong product URL

When you set up GMC account, remember that product URL needs to match the URL that you specified in GMC. If it doesn’t make sure to fix it and maintain consistency.

3. Wrong price or wrong number of available products

Since Google checks price and availability from time to time, you need to make sure that you product feed has up-to-date data. You can use feedink as well and have your product feed updated for example 2 times a day every day.

4. Wrong product picture and wrong product description

Product picture is one of the first things that buyers see. It’s important that pictures should both appeal to users as well as comply with Google’s requirements. The picture cannot be too small, contain watermarks or any writing. The picture also needs to have a correct URL. As for product descriptions, it’s advisable to provide more text than simple bullet points. Buyers will have more knowledge on products, hence they might be more willing to make a purchase. Plus, remember not to use only capital letters in the title, neither Google nor users approve of it.

5. Lack of product category or wrong category

Well-matched category is another must-have. Google has its own category matching system. You need to comply with its category tree in order to avoid any warnings and errors.

6. Using the same product feed for the target group in different countries

A common mistake made by e-commerce owners is using the same product feed in different countries. It’s strongly recommended to create a few product feeds that are compatible with given countries.