When you work on the graphic design for the e-store,
you need to focus on two crucial elements such as the color choice and a clear layout.

When the site is well-planned, it’s much easier for users to navigate your site. Plus, if you add some designer tricks, you’d find it easier to convert your prospects into actual buyers. Have a look at below six ideas that you might find useful for your e-shop.

1. Interactive landing pages

Dedicated sites like landing pages are practically a standard in e-commerce. They are designed for end-of-season and mid-season sales, promoting new collections / products or for any other seasonal offers. They usually have more user interaction possibilities compared to standard product pages.

2. Full-page pictures

Pictures sell products seem to be the catch phrase that everyone is repeating like mantra these days. And they are right. Make sure to use only professional pictures on your product page. It’s best if you are provide detailed pictures and if you allow users to see the product from different angles.

3. Shopping customization

Product pages contain more than product pictures and descriptions. Recommended products, similar products, viewed products, matching accessories are the ways to get the buyer’s attention and hopefully convince them to make a purchase. If you are able to offer the functionality that allows buyers to get their purchase in the close pick-up point, you run higher chances of getting more clients to you e-store.

4. Video content

Selling some products online can be a demanding task since pictures can’t show the product in use. However, fast internet connection is no longer a rare luxury so you can stream good quality videos. E-commerce businesses enhance product descriptions with video content, which makes the product more attractive to users. One of the e-shops that uses videos on their product pages is Adidas: http://www.adidas.co.uk/messi-15.3-firm-artificial-ground-boots/S74689.html The video helps them to present specific products, especially those that are promoted by athletes, for example football boots Messi 15.3.

5. No sidebars

Modern product pages focus on presenting the content clearly instead of distracting users with many sidebars. This way product has all the space to present its benefits and features without the need to share the room with category lists and colorful banners that remind of “old-school” e-shops.

6. Add to cart as the “sticky button”

This trend is relatively new but it’s getting more and more popular, particularly in the Western Europe. Sticky button is pinned to border of the browser and is visible by the user all the time. This feature makes it easier for the user to add the product to the cart, they don’t have to scroll the site and look for the “add to cart” button.

A good user experience affects the conversion rate

Online shopping is relatively easy. Everyone knows it, so the e-commerce market share is getting more popular year by year. However, it doesn’t mean that online sellers can just sit back and watch how the sales numbers go up. The aim is to consequently improve the online site in a way that buyers feel comfortable while shopping online.