Check out our 6 tips that can help you compete more effectively on foreign markets

If your goal is scale up geographically, make sure your data feed is well-optimized. Introducing your offer to the international market will be much more efficient and faster with a solid product feed.

#1 Carry out market analysis

If you want to make your presence known on Czech, Dutch or Italian market, find out as much as you can about it. What are its distinguishing features? Who is the leader in your industry? What is the secret behind their effective sales? Don’t forget to check the target group, determine the client base and the ways to reach it. In other countries, it certainly won’t be the same as in yours. Analyze the keywords in these markets. See which words you should include in the product description.

It will also be important to precisely determine the category in which you should place your products and how they are classified by price comparison websites.

#2 Don’t try too hard to be original

In the apparel industry products very often differ only by color or size. This means that for each variant you must create a separate line with the color and size variable. Simplicity is of key importance here. Don’t overdo it by trying to come up with original names for the color of the clothes. Let the sweater be blue and not azure; the dress will be better off described as red instead of crimson.

#3 Simple product names are a must

When creating product names follow the following principle: the shorter, the better. Note, however, that the name must carry as much information as possible. Avoid unnecessary codes like ID or SKU in the names. For instance, in the case of apparel it will be enough to include the product name, brand, color, and size. There is no need to distract the user with unnecessary information during the initial contact.

#4 Choose your keywords with great precision

Once you analyze the keywords, use the knowledge acquired to create names that can bring the most views. Since people tend to look for specific words, it’s better to include blue than azure in the item’s name; a blue dress is a more popular search among Internet users. The so-called deep categorizing consists in the fact that a product is not described only as pants, but for example as “blue dress pants”. The word “pants”, on the other hand, is too generic. It would be rather uncommon for anyone to look simply for pants without any defining characteristics; people are more likely to look for “jeans” or “dress pants” instead.

#5 Make the most of your product feed and fill it with content

Make sure to use everything the feed has to offer, describing your product in a precise and comprehensive manner. Only then can you be sure that your offer will show up at the most convenient moment and in the most relevant search results. That’s why you should complete all the possible attribute fields, informing the users about the characteristics and properties that characterize your product.

#6 Keep optimizing

Preparing a correct and efficient product feed requires precision and quite some time on your part. However, you should realize that this stage is only the beginning when it comes to product feed. The first campaign that you’ll release in Google Shopping and Facebook Ads will surely prove beneficial and ensure sales leads, but often our high expectations are not reflected by reality and the results may be far from satisfactory. That’s why, if you want to make a name for yourself in any market, you need to constantly optimize your product feed and test its various configurations. You will be forced to change product names or descriptions or add parameters that can have a real impact on raising the conversion rate of your campaign.

Entering a foreign market is always associated with risk. Still, you can manage that risk and eliminate many factors that could hinder effective online sales to other countries. Product feed allows you to use the knowledge you gained through analyzing other markets. This gives you a chance for a quick response if the sales results are not satisfactory. With the help of a well-developed feed, it is a lot easier to reach customers outside the borders of your country.