Did you know that
one of the rules for success in e-commerce is product description optimization and providing basic product information?

Not many e-commerce owners pay much attention to it, which isn’t a good thing. If you’re still unsure what matters, this article will answer most frequent questions and doubts.

What does optimized product file look like?

There are a few features of an ideal product feed, such as verified data, frequent updates, physical and chemical details. Appropriate product name and good category selection is important too.

What influence does product description have?

Product description optimization is what guarantees that online marketplaces and end users will get correct, verified and detailed information on products. To be precise, product name, features and availability are the features that you need to pay attention to since they are crucial to seamless cooperation with search and comparison engines. Plus, your products will be simply easy to find, which is what you need most.

Are details in product description important?

Yes, they are. Users want to know the product details that might be the reason they decide to buy a particular product. If many products are quite similar, then it’s at your best interest to differentiate them somehow. The more the better this time.

How to choose keywords?

The truth is that there are as many ways to find a product as there are people on Earth. A pair of jeans can be found not only through ‘jeans’ keyword but also ‘trousers’ or ‘jeans pants’ keywords. You shouldn’t stick to only one keyword that strikes your mind as first. Plus, note that if you skip niche long tail keywords, you might lose some potential buyers. Finally, it’s a good practice to choose keywords based on filter options since this is often the way users look for the products.

How to choose optimal product title/description for PLA?

Each category has its own wording template that clients use when looking for products. The word connections and phrases that you use depend on the product type that you’re looking for. If you don’t know your industry yet, it’s best to use a standard PLA model that suits most of products.
Brand > Product Name > Color > Style > Material > Size > Other attributes

Which product category to choose?

The choice of category isn’t an obvious task. For example, car radio can be found in RTV category as well as in car accessories category. When you’re not allowed to place products in multiple categories, you can put similar product in different categories and conduct short tests. Please remember that the preferences can be seasonal so it’s good to repeat the tests in a different season.

Why the information of product availability is so important?

Many online marketplaces may block your account if you offer products that are actually out of stock and you’re not able to ship them. This affects the engine’s credibility. Please remember that not only the information on product availability is crucial, all data should be up to date. This is how you get user’s trust which is already quite hard to get.