You would think that the 100 years of the history of advertising is an oceans of changes, appearances and disappearances of revolutionary technologies and trends as well as use of various channels to reach a potential customer.

All this is true, but…

it turns out that this peculiar caroussel of changes has its permanent elements that, since the Montgomery Ward catalogs (trading company involved in mail order since 1872 – 2001 in the USA), remain unchanged with a limited number of products. Although today we have access to thousands of products with a single click, their online exposure is, in fact, almost the same as in the catalog with military footwear from 1915.

What elements are similar and today constitute the base for ad creation in PLA?

Product names – the names ought to highlight the nature of the product. It contains information about the gender, material and type of product. As in the catalog from 1915, Google Shopping applies adjectives that relate to the specific characteristics of the product such as soft, nice and stylish. The objective is also the same – reach with the most precise product name and facilitate its purchase.

Photo – photo has to be simple and such standards are preserved today. The most important is a product that is presented on a white background. Nothing should distract the consumer’s attention both at the beginning of the 20th century and at the beginning of the the third Millenium. The only difference is that the Internet technology allows to present a single product in multiple color variants. Although printing allows it as well, presenting the same shoes in different colors within a catalog would be economically unreasonable.

Product Attributes – auctions, the time of which is divided by over 100 years, are similar in the fact that in both cases the product is described by its appropriate attributes. This may include the height of the heels, color or material.

Price – the price is consistently one of the most important elements that must be found in the list of advertised products. And rightly so. On the one hand this is a factor which holds a significant power to encourage to buy. On the other hand, sellers know that their products have a competitive price.

Shipping weight – the weight of the product is clearly visible in the Montgomery Ward catalog and is often required today in modern product lists. If weight is extremely important in your shipping, it is essential to introduce this information in the product feed.

Product index – products indexes are an absolute “must have” in a product feed. Without an index, sending a product feed with list of products will not be possible. All the more when product feeds are used by e-shops while running multi-channel campaigns.