Google Shopping is so popular among online retailers

that the competition in certain products groups resembles fighting for the best ad positions in the AdWords system. For this reason, many owners of online stores choose to use classic SEO rules in their campaigns, aiming to improve ad ranks of specific products in search results.

Learn these 7 methods to attract more potential consumers by making your offer more visible.

1. If you have a lot of products, use the XML format

Product feed is provided to Google Shopping using one of two possible extensions: csv and xml. While the csv extension is sufficient in the case of a small range of products with fixed prices, for a more complex offer it’s much better to use the functionalities offered by xml files. This extension allows you to modify data in a far more dynamic way, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with a list including a few dozen or a few hundred products. This way, it’s easy to react quickly to any errors that get in the way of good positioning.

2. Gather customer reviews

One of the best ways to improve the positioning of products displayed on Google Shopping is to add customer opinions. Consider associating your store with one of the popular rating systems (such as TrustPilot, BizRate, ViewPoints, RateItAll and many others), or integrate Google Shopping with a tool you already have. Appropriate information will appear next to your products if you accumulate at least 30 reviews, and the rating on the five-point scale reaches at least 3.5.

3. Work on your product photos

Picture sells the product – never forget this rule. The right photograph (showing a well-presented item against a white background) is fundamental if you want to use Google Shopping as an effective promotional tool. For most categories it should be at least 250×250 pixels, although it is recommended to use 800×800 pixel images.

4. Polish your product page

A well-made product page must be simple – free of flashy graphics or unnecessary buttons, which distract clients from the features that allow them to add a product to the cart. If you want to be sure that users have comfortable shopping experience, your focus from the very beginning should be not only on the preparation of the good product feed but also on the necessary improvements to the store itself. That’s how you make it possible to customers who come to your store directly from the search results to have a convenient, fast and hassle-free shopping session.

5. Improve product titles and descriptions

We all know that for a product to show in the search results, both the title and description must include keyword phrases, which Internet users type in the search box. That’s why it’s recommended to use simple and proven solutions: titles containing – depending on the type of product – brand, model, product type, or distinguishing characteristics, such as color, size, or material. As for the description, it should contain phrases from the so-called long tail, providing more detailed information about all the characteristics and features.

6. Add negative keywords

In the previous section we emphasized the importance of choosing the right words to make your products come up in search results. Now we are going to give you some advice on a completely opposite action.

Negative keywords, as this is what we’re going to talk about, are a special mechanism that is used in the AdWords system. It’s about drawing up a list of words and phrases for each of the products offered that exclude it from search results. It is a perfect solution for stores that want more precise targeting of their offer. Thanks to this solution, e.g., retailers of movies on BluRay discs can exclude their products from the results shown to people who are looking for a particular title on a DVD. It is also a good way to save money by minimizing the chance that a pay-per-click ad will attract a customer completely uninterested in your product.

7. Use Google Analytics

If you haven’t done it yet, now is the best time to connect your store to Google Analytics. The tool is available completely free of charge and allows you to take a peek at advanced statistics on sales or popularity of the page. You can track many aspects of website operation, from the number of visits and their source to such detailed data as conversion tracking for pre-defined factors.

Thanks to these statistics you are able to keep tabs on the quality of your offer and react quickly if it appears to be insufficient.

Is it worthy to use SEO rules in Google Shopping?

Positioning products offered on Google Shopping is one of the factors that can contribute to increasing sales. If you position your offer well and make it stand out for example through a visible rating system, your conversion rate will be more likely to increase. For this reason you should use basic SEO rules in the online strategy.