How to promote e-business on the Internet?

There are ways in abundance, but a few constitute the cornerstone of online promotion.

One of the basic forms of promotion is running paid campaigns in Google AdWords. Why is this type of advertising so important? It is inexpensive, precise and immediately positions the company within the search engine. All the user has to do is enter the appropriate key phrase. What is Google AdWords, how does it work, and how to make the campaign successful?

What is Google AdWords?

The Google AdWords system allows the display of text advertisements, as well as image and video ads. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a user who have not came across the so-called sponsored links that appear after entering a key word or some longer phrase. This is one of the types of promotions offered by Google AdWords, but it’s worth knowing that there is a plethora of other possibilities offered by this way of advertising. Ads that are intended to promote an online store or other type of business can appear on partner sites affiliated by the AdSense program, on YouTube and even in Gmail. Google AdWords is offered in the PPC model, i.e. pay per click, which means that you pay for each click on the link that appears as part of your campaign. This means that the cost is not affected by the number of times the ad is displayed, and regardless of where it appears, but how many times the user clicks on it. This way of accounting makes it an attractive and relatively inexpensive offer for advertisers.

The great value of Google AdWords is its configuration options. The tools you receive from Google allow to precisely target and optimize published ads. Analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign provides better results and higher conversion, which in turn translates into the cost of customer acquisition.

How does AdWords function?

Although Google AdWords is a very advanced tool and knowledge is needed to properly set the parameters of an ad, its operation is simple for the user. If an Internet user enters the key phrase “last minute vacation”, the results will appear at the beginning of the ad, which almost does not differ from the other so-called organic search results. However, the Internet is not limited to Google search engine alone. Ads displayed as part of the AdWords campaign may appear in the form of text, graphics or video throughout the entire Google advertising network. It is worth knowing that the 10 most popular websites in Poland, belonging to the Google network, generate from 5 to even 10 billion ad views per week alone. The following are the most popular sites belonging to the Display Network:

• o2,
• Pudelek,
• OLX,
• WP,
• YouTube,
• Onet,
• Wykop,
• Money,
• Interia,
• etc.

Another argument that might convince you to implement your AdWords campaign is the fact that up to 96% of users use the Google search engine in Poland.

What constitutes an effective AdWords campaign?

The answer could be reduced to the fact that an effective Google AdWords campaign is one that converts, reimburses, and generates profits. Just how to achieve it? You need to put some work and effort into making your AdWords campaign profitable. It is not enough to fund your account and quickly launch the campaign. This must be preceded by appropriate preparations, analysis of users who constitute the target group, checking what words and key phrases should be promoted. Maybe it’s worth advertising for a specific location. If we run an Italian restaurant in Jasło, it would be good practice to introduce the phrase Italian restaurant Jasło into the campaign. This method works well in other industries – bicycle shop Szczecinek, carpentry services Ełk, etc.

The issue of optimization cannot be ignored either. The campaign must be constantly monitored, it may turn out that a given phrase works perfectly in June, but fails in September. Then it is worth setting the campaign parameters so that no funds are spent ineffectively.

AdWords campaign step by step

It’s a good idea to go through the AdWords campaign step by step. What are the subsequent steps to take to launch an effective campaign on the Google Display Network:

• specify the purpose of the campaign and the target group,
• go through a precise research in terms of keywords,
• create a meaningful structure of the campaign – when promoting many products, it’s worth planning ad groups or separate campaigns to help manage your budget,
• develop your ad text and add extensions – inform users precisely about what a product is. There is not much space for this, so you need to be very specific and provide the necessary data as well as benefits.
• less perfectly designed landing page – make sure that the link redirects to a precisely and professionally presented landing page. Otherwise, the bounce rate can be quite high.
• check the conversion and optimize the campaign – control its conversion rate at every stage of the campaign. Analyze the data available in Google tools and optimize campaigns so that the results are better and better.