Google does not withhold its updates and continues to actively release new patches with an aim of making our searches
for valuable content more precise and buying more secure.

The goal of GTIN numbers is to help achieving this. Since 14th February 2017, providing GTIN numbers within an .xml file provided by Google Merchant Center shall become an obligation. This will apply to all products delivered to markets where Google Shopping is available.

What hides behind the abbreviation GTIN?

The explanation for GTIN is the full name – Global Trade Item Number. It is a unique and commonly acceptable product identifier.

Where did the obligation for provide GTIN numbers come from?

Google wishes to provide its users with services of highest quality in the form of search results that are as perfectly adjusted to the phrase typed in the browser as possible. It constantly introduces new guidelines that will bring it to the ideal state. Google’s observations resulted in a conclusion that adding GTIN numbers to an .xml file will increase efficiency and improve the quality of displayed adverts.

What will the GTIN number directly influence:

  • Even higher visibility the appropriate GTIN number shall pave the way to even greater amount of users. It is estimated that after adding this parameter it will be possible to increase the amount of clicks by 40% compared to offers devoid of the GTIN number.

  • Increased conversion – it is likely that the offered product will achieve a lower amount of displays, but paradoxically this will also increase the convert rate. It is a result of the fact that Google adjusts the displayed adverts even more thoroughly. The tests conducted among 50 brands indicate that the convert rate might increase even by 20%.

  • Even more possibilities – GTIN numbers shall increase the quality of information distributed by channels such as, You Tube or mobile media.

Where to look for GTIN numbers?

The number ought to be placed on the product’s packaging. In case of books – on the book cover. In case you cannot find the GTIN number in its place, it is worth contacting the supplier. Furthermore, suppliers will likely react to changes introduced by Google and many of them will probably include this parameter on administrative dashboards dedicated to business partners. The number can be found in Google Shopping or at

What actions in on-line shops need to be done due to introduction of GTIN numbers?

Shop owners, regardless on the newest update, need to update their .xml files anyway. Indeed, the introduction of GTIN does involve additional work, but its fulfillment will contribute to profits for the whole company. Mostly, the product’s cards need to be filled with the appropriate number. Some of the platforms include the possibility of adding them by .xml file filled-out with the parameter. After the products’ update, you need to create and generate a new product feed and, afterwards, import it to Google Merchant Center. If you do not do this, Google will consequently start declining products without a filled out GTIN number. Therefore, if you wish to continue promoting your offer to sellers, there is not much choice.