Working with product feed is simple and enjoyable.

To bring out its full potential, you can learn these several useful tips. If you follow them, product feed will prove even more profitable to your business, in both tangible and intangible terms.

Updating is a must

Let’s start by pointing out that dealing with e-commerce requires a stream of information that’s always fresh and current. This is especially important for the operation of online stores. In order to follow this rule, update your product feed at least once every 24 hours. And if nothing has changed in the meantime? Do it all the same. An update of the feed will be well-received by Google anyway.

Product feed and its features

Alright, now you’ll remember to frequently update your feed. But what should you pay attention to? Note that people often neglect product name, and that’s a mistake. A good name of the product is often vital for search engines. That’s why it should encompass not only the product itself but also, e.g., the brand name along with several details. Together, all these elements will create a unique item, which will be more closely matched to queries entered in search engines. Speaking about the product, in addition to the name, we should also add a description, price, and link to the product and its picture. This effort will increase the chance of your product to attract new customers to your store.

Product categorization and configuration
in comparison engines or online marketplaces

Another important aspect is product categorization. If well-chosen, it will guarantee success. Just as important as determining the product category is the correct account configuration in comparison engines. You must provide all the relevant information. Remember to stick to the rules regulating the operation of comparison engines and online marketplaces.

The potential of search engines

If you’re going to establish your store’s online presence, you should first make use of the potential of two largest search engines, namely Google and Bing. Due to their popularity among customers, they constitute a starting point for those who want to stand out among the competition. What’s more, working with them can open the door to new markets.

Time is money

Do you hate waiting? Time is money in both offline and digital world. And where else do we waste loads of time if not online, especially when dealing with a slowly working website. Just imagine that there can be hundreds of businesses just like yours. That’s why a fast and user-friendly website is one of your main assets, also in relation to product feed.


If you are interested in pay-per-click online advertising, where payment comes from clicking on a link or banner, you should consider installing a traffic monitoring tool. Google Analytics – available for free – will do just fine. In addition to information about the “origin” of a click, you can acquire, e.g., the geographical or demographic data of both your current and potential clients. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to reach them with your products.

Following these few simple rules will cost you nothing while contributing to a faster development of your business and greater financial profit. Start optimizing today!