Multi-channel e-commerce means as much as running promotional campaigns on every available channel, analyzing the effects, and optimizing and focusing on the channels that achieve the best conversion rate.

Content marketing has been one of the pillars of omnichannel activity for many seasons. The so-called content marketing is no longer a trend, but a permanent element of promotional activities for each and every online store. What is content marketing, what does it include and how to do it effectively?

What is content marketing – definition?

Content marketing, in Polish also referred to as marketing treści, is a kind of marketing strategy run on the Internet. It can be conducted in many ways, but its main goal is to increase sales. However, before new customers are gained, it is necessary to go a long way through various Internet paths in which the brand is promoted by means of published, valuable content. The content should be planned and developed for a particular customer segment, and well correlated with the brand. The essence of content marketing is that the activities undertaken within it are neither one-off nor one-sided. They constitute a large-scale undertaking with an aim of building long-term relationships with users who will be loyal towards the brand, and thus promote it by e.g. sharing the content. Content marketing should also be based on emotions.

What basic activities constitute part of content marketing:

• developing and publishing in various channels (blog, social media, specialized portals) that involve content (both text and video),
• attracting the right user group with the content,
• building a strong brand that engages and leads to gaining loyal customers.
Therefore, running content marketing campaigns includes the development and publication of all possible content, such as expert articles, social media posts, webinars and infographics.

How does it work?

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a start-up or an existing online store, content marketing is always the recommended form of promoting the brand What is this content marketing that has gained so much popularity? The slogan “content is king” remains well-grounded. It is the content that makes the brand present in the minds of users of social media and the Internet as a whole. The brand’s presence on the web is primarily based on…content! Why?

#1 The customer is looking for information, and you share it with him/her – before making a purchase (even of the most mundane light bulb), the more and more common practice is to type phrases – “How to choose…”, “Ranking of refrigerators” etc. If the customer finds the answer within your domain, then you can obtain a loyal customer who will regard you as an expert.

#2 Discussions, viral arise – interesting content is spread with just one click. If you publish something interesting, users will forward it and you have the chance to create viral marketing. The content shared may be different, thus you should refer to current problems, provide an interesting comment on any information that relates to your industry.

#3 You gain in image, discussions are developed – if there is a discussion under the publications and you contribute to it, you will gain credibility, hence you will build a strong brand.

How to use content marketing?

Content marketing is not easy. It requires consistency, regularity, and even persistence. To make good use of it, you need to create valuable content for the user, make sure that the articles answer his or her questions, and ensure that the posts match the sense of humor, lifestyle, and interests. This requires analysis and continuous optimization. However, if you do not lack perseverance, the effects will come by themselves. Content marketing can be used to increase brand awareness, build an expert image, and finally attract new customers and increase sales.

What can you achieve?

The potential that lies in content marketing is enormous. We already know that, and the strategy based on content marketing has brought recognition and success to many brands. But is it still possible to promote the content on the Internet that is highly saturated with publications? It is not easy, but running an online store is a demanding task on its own. Just as you need to create unique descriptions (which also belong to CM), take care of the photos, you can also successfully create good content that simply defends itself. What will you achieve? With good content, the e-store will gain in image, the brand will be perceived as an expert and professional, and the shopping barriers will be minimized.