Criteo is a platform for dynamic retargeting on the internet. With it, you can show ads on Google, Facebook, and other websites, including Polish news services like or Learn more about what Criteo offers and how the integration works.

Let’s explain what Criteo is and why is it worth using it

Criteo is little-known in Poland, but in Western Europe, especially in France from where Criteo originates, it is a very common marketing tool. Criteo enables advertisers to build and launch campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other social media sites. With Criteo, you can also advertise on multiple news portals in many different countries.

Due to the fact that all campaigns are managed from one place, it is easier to control them. Additionally, Criteo collects data about all campaigns to learn users’ behavior – in effect the ads can be targeted better to the users’ interests. Moreover, with Criteo you don’t have to worry about traffic cannibalization on the condition that you turn off all campaigns launched directly on Facebook, Google, or other social media sites. In the case of retargeting ads, it is more reasonable to use only one tool to manage campaigns.

Many marketers say that Criteo is superior in many aspects to Google Display Network (apparently, Criteo is better at dealing with Ad Blockers). All the more reason to take a closer look at this tool, especially if you run big e-commerce platforms.

Integration with Criteo in 3 steps

To synchronize your internet store with Criteo you should first:

Create an account

Open “Management Center” and click on “Product Catalog”. Then you will see two options: “E-commerce platform” and “Product catalog URL”. The first solution is dedicated to stores on Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, and WordPress sites using Woocomerce plugin. If your store is using one of these softwares, you will be able to synchronize your website with Criteo platform automatically.

Prepare product feed

If you are using different software than those listed above, you will have to prepare the product feed manually in CSV or XML format. Product feed should be compatible with Criteo Product Catalog specifications. Feedink can help with that – with our tool, you can easily adjust your current product feed to Criteo format. When the product file is ready, just load it to the platform.

Install the Criteo One Tag code on your website

To take full advantage of Criteo, it is also worth installing the Criteo OneTag on your website. It is a JavaScript code that allows analyzing how the users behave on your website and personalize ads.

It is possible to add Criteo OneTag through Google Tag Manager. You can also do it manually, appending the Criteo tag directly to your site’s source code.