At some point, the e-commerce market was struck with a discourse regarding the point of introducing one’s offer on sites of larger publishers (i.e. Shopalike and Domodi).

It was justified with the fact that the online sales arena started to recognize a visible trend of departing from competing by price.

It is more than appropriate in the context of the accompanying content marketing and building an expert image by sharing valuable and free content. All this was backed up by the changes applied within Google robot with an aim to promote such content.

Price comparison websites did not disappear though. They still exist and still cope well. However, they had to react to those changes by becoming slightly more sophisticated. Price did not become the most important lure in development of reach. For tycoons, such as Shopalike and Domodi, the ability to compare prices does not play such a crucial role any longer. Although consumers still look for them ….they also more frequently look for comments, store and product reviews etc. so as to be able to make an even more aware shopping decision.

What are the reasons to include price comparison sites in your strategy, based on the example of Domodi:

  • data from April 2016 confirm that Domodi was one of the most promoted “e-commercers” in Poland. The number of views amounted to 608,124,976 in one month. This constitutes an enormous amount of users and, therefore, it cannot be ignored. Hence, it is worth be included in the offer of such giants.

  • users of Domodi platform can check the reviews of products and see how many persons like a particular e-store. While appearing within the offer of such an exclusive partner, you are able to to establish trust towards your brand as well as positively influence its image and, as a result, conversion rate.

  • willing to learn more about the products, users of Domodi are willing to make the purchase at the same time. If the offered products are perfectly exhibited, the chances that the user will go to the shop grow respectively.

  • Integration with the platform is easy. Domodi recognizes .xml files in Nokaut, Ceneo and Okazje formats. It becomes even simpler if conducted through a product feed management system.

Each sales channel within an omnichannel campaign has its pros and cons. In case of price comparison websites, one cannot help but assume that we fall into the same boat as numerous other stores from the industry. However, the other stores, even the well-known ones, are there. They do not take offense at the price comparison sites by claiming that they are the best and do not need this form of promotion. It is worth to include your e-business at price comparison sites and thus underline your uniqueness and present yourself from a perfect side focused on communication with e-consumers. This will surely bring the expected results.