At a first glance, traditional mailing seems to be a less attractive method for promoting an e-store. However, our e-mail boxes continue to be inundated with a non-decreasing number of newsletters, offers and promotions.

Meaningless actions? Filling of budget resources? Lack of ideas for an effectively conducted marketing? Highly unlikely… E-mail marketing is a powerful tool. When thoroughly planned, it can bring considerable image and sales benefits.

External databases – panacea for lack of your own mailing list

Companies that offer mailing databases on the Internet are in abundance. However, you should approach allocating your resources in such lists with caution – many of them are illegal. In order to avoid any consequences from law and GIODO, the database administrator must ensure the following:

– approval for processing personal data for marketing purposes in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997,

– approval for sending commercial and marketing data by electronic means in accordance with Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means of 18th July 2002 for database administrator and his commercial partners.

If the administrator obtained the email addresses legally, he will not try to hide this fact and grant approval without any hesitation.

This is of utmost importance not only in terms of provisions of law. The store’s image might suffer from serious damage in case the mailing campaign is conducted on unlawfully obtained email addresses. Nonetheless, external databases will help our offer reach the desired target group. This is even more valuable if you are just launching your e-business and do not have your own e-mail address list at your sole disposal.

Databases fare well – enhanced by modern tools

The struggle for effectiveness of each campaign launched on the Internet is a toil that has no right to end. Ever. Optimization is listed among actions to be permanently conducted by e-marketers. E-mail marketing is no different in this matter. Once you have a properly established list of e-mail addresses, you can proceed to configure your mailing distribution. Nowadays, this is much simpler and much more effective thanks to modern tools. The message sent by e-mails does not have to be the same for each address owner. A conveniently collected database provides numerous data regarding the users – names, dates of birth, shopping preferences etc. Therefore, it allows you to benefit from the advantages of either dynamic or product mailing. In addition, professional systems for organizing e-mail dispatches allow to use the user’s behavioral and transactional profiles. Thanks to this technology, your e-mail will include an offer that will be perfectly adjusted to the addressee’s interest and needs. As a result, the effectiveness of e-mail marketing grows significantly.

Analyze your results and optimize

The very first mailing do not have to transform into a great success. Therefore, it is worth using special systems that are created for this purpose. Such software will allow you to thoroughly analyze the behavior of your addressees. As a result, you will be able to check the open rate, click through rate (CTR), click to open rate (CTOR), the number of subscriptions for newsletter (if this was the campaign’s objective), deliverability rate as well as information regarding the time the e-mails were opened most often. Having such data at your disposal, you can make proper corrections, conduct A/B testing as well as analyze and draw conclusions from the campaign.

E-mail marketing continues to contribute greatly to achieving sales leads. Furthermore, it allows to promote the e-store, establish a trustworthy image and proper relations with clients. It is worth conducting a thorough analysis and check which external databases have great potential for our new e-business and which have been established legally. By running a campaign with the use of modern tools, you can obtain a new segment of clients that will develop your e-store even further.