Case study of
dynamic product feed for Facebook.

We have helped various e-commerce companies with scaling product pictures in accordance with Facebook requirements for quite some time. What’s best about this functionality is the possibility to get pictures which preserve their original ratio and are produced in the required Facebook format of 1200×628. This way you get your product base displayed at its best, which is crucial when it comes to e-commerce.

Today we moved another step ahead.
We introduced the functionality which allows you to modify the pictures used in Facebook feeds in virtually unlimited ways.

We can add any dynamic value to the picture, literally we’re limited only by the number of information that is transferred in the product feed. We can add for example a product price or a product name to name the basic options.

Furthermore, we can use various pictures on different layers. All you need to do is to create the layout for 1200×628 creative with blank spaces for product picture and dynamic values. Our system will do the rest for you. When you get such creative you can be sure that your products will be showcased in a better way, which translates often to higher conversion and engagement rates.

Below you can find the pictures from dynamic product ads at Facebook before and after our technology was used:

Original photo (without using our system)

Photo in 1200×628 (what we have been doing so far)

Photo in 1200×628 with dynamic parameters

All dynamic elements which are unique to each product have been marked in red


As you can see, the difference between the original photo and the final effect is easily noticeable and differs in quality. The example presented above is a mere simple example of what our system can do. In fact, we can work with even the most complex layouts created by your graphic designers.