E-commerce is growing around the world.

Our country is no exception.

Year on year, e-commerce market share in sales is increasing and the e-commerce sector is gaining in importance. Before you join the stream, learn more about the electronic commerce in Poland and do not let yourself be taken by surprise.

E-commerce A.D. 2019

Every year, new trends can be observed in the e-commerce sector in Poland as well as differences in the proportions between specific advertising channels and brand building channels. It is estimated that in 2019 mobile first trend will continue. This trend has been observed for many years and it continues to grow due to the use of smartphones and mobile applications facilitating order making. Swift service coupled with same day delivery will play an important role in e-commerce in Poland. Also, important will be enhance offer realisation thank to such tool as for example marketing automation with smart logic which will ideally match the products with consumer expectations. Content and social media will continue to be an important factor of e-shop exposure on the web.

E-commerce in Poland – a continuous growth

Based on the Bisnode report data, over the last 5 years, the number of online shops in Poland increased by 34%. In the first months of 2018, ca. 29 thousand online shops were registered; 5 years earlier there were around 21 thousand. The value of the e-commerce Poland market in 2018 totalled PLN 45 billion.

Gemius report also provides interesting data; based on the report, a conclusion can be drawn that the potential of Polish consumers in this regard has not been fully utilized yet. The report shows that 83.6% of Poles use the net. However, “only” 54% shop online. This ratio will certainly improve yoy.

The factors encouraging Internet users to use e-commerce and to engage in more intensive shopping activity are usually low delivery costs (According to 2018 Gemius report, as many as 67% of respondents identified this element) and lower prices in comparison with traditional shops (58%). Even more important for consumers are the following enhancements:

  • 24/7 availability (87%),

  • No need to go to the shop (84%),

  • Unlimited choosing time – I can look at an item for as long as I please (79%),

  • Comparing offers is easy (3%),

  • Larger product range compared to traditional shop (71%).

Market forecasts

Experts expect that in the next 2-3 years, the value of e-commerce in Poland may even double. It means that our reality “is technologizing” at a very quick pace. Nearly everybody uses a smartphone today. From technological perspective, w-commerce sector is better prepared to serve e-customers through mobile apps. The “Koszyk roku 2018” [2018 Basket] survey conducted on a sample of 100 e-shops demonstrated that 95% e-shops have adjusted to mobile apps. It means that smartphones and tablets are slowly replacing laptops and desktop computers. It also means that users will be disinclined to shop on a non-responsive site. They believe it to be unprofessional.

The most frequently chosen products were the following:

  • Clothes, accessories and extras 64%

  • Books/CDs/film 54%

  • Cinema, theatre tickets 51%

  • Footwear 44%

  • Cosmetics 43%

One can expect that for these products, sale forecasts will improve at a quickest rate.

Regardless of the geographical location, e-commerce will continue to grow. Convenience, more and more readily realised deliveries, possibility of ordering at any time of the day and nearly from any location are a huge advantage and convenience. Poles more eagerly browse „virtual shelves”; no other place offers a broader offer. Possibility of browsing, comparing and making well-informed choices encourage Poles to online shopping.