Product images
are one of the most important elements of our product feed.

Presenting the items we sell in an attractive and correct manner is crucial in many marketing channels such as remarketing, Facebook or Google PLA.

But what happens when our image carries a watermark (which prevents advertising in Google), or its size is out of proportions, causing a white field to appear at the top or bottom of our photo in remarketing ads?

These are fairly common problems that plague advertisers every day. Even Google Studio forces us to maintain an appropriate size and proportions of images transmitted there. Without any solution to this problem, our advertisements won’t look as good as they should, making our efforts less efficient.

To meet the needs of the market, our system provides image hosting options that make it possible to introduce any modification we want. We can resize pictures, crop them to the right or left or frame them properly. Thanks to this effort, the advertised products will be presented in the best way possible.

Of course, the entire process requires virtually no work on your part. We just download all images from your website or the product feed you provide. Next, the content is stored in our repository where we can carry out the abovementioned operations on image files. Thanks to such modifications, the images of the items in the product feed will be hosted from our servers.