How a well-optimized feed can stimulate the sales numbers?

How top e-commerce companies use feeds to improve conversion rate, ROI or to build their brands? Read how one of e-commerce fashion companies uses product feeds to grow their business and how the feed marketing has become core element of their online marketing strategy.

When do you know your product feed is well-optimized?

Selling apparel on the internet means regular product updates, price updates and giving special offers. New collections that are launched each season need to be properly updated and presented by online stores, if they want to get their market share of sales. If you want to promote products online you need to make sure that the newest collection is clearly and flawlessly presented. Well-prepared product feed is the key to success. It allows you to start working instantly with various affiliate networks or direct publishers. The feed should provide clear and simple data:

  • Describe products by simple words such as dark grey instead of anthracite, white instead of alabaster. More people use simple names.
  • Product names should be precise and describe as many features as possible. However, it’s strongly advisable to keep product names rather short.
  • Choosing proper keywords is essential. The keywords should reflect how users look for products since actually users know best what they need. Use keywords such as summer shoes, elegant shoes or heels.
  • How fashion e-stores can benefit from using a product feed?

    Product feed offers many interesting ways to grow your business. For example, an online store that doesn’t use product feeds wants to start brand awareness/sales growth campaign in Google. In case of Google Shopping, the store would have to enter each product manually to a special file in Google dashboard, which is quite a time-consuming and daunting task. If you have a proper product file, it takes a few minutes to start the Google Shopping campaign. The fashion online store started using the feed and became more competitive in the online fashion industry. What’s more, acting by the below rules, the store improved their overall position:

  • They gained high online media coverage thanks to simple optimized names
  • They get high conversion rate since they deliver clear message with good content and product pictures
  • High ROI allows them to scale up advertising and get even higher online coverage
  • How exactly did the online store benefit by starting to use the product file?

    By introducing the product file to its online strategy, the e-store acquired more customers and potential buyers from the new online channel. Their success was guaranteed by the high quality product feed with well-researched keywords, good quality pictures and clear message. Using the product feed to promote the online shop was a good way to rise the brand awareness. The e-store selling SEO-resistant brands showed in the search results every time the brand’s name was tapped in the search box. High online presence was also boosted by the appearance in price comparison engines. The e-store’s brand got recognizable and more e-consumers remembered it. The product file was used optimally to promote the e-store in all possible effective channels that use feed technology:

      Google Shopping – high exposure and a close presence to other e-commerce stores in paid search results helped them to build strong brand positioning. Good product file optimization helped to rise the conversion rate.
      Affiliate networks – the e-shop’s offer started to be promoted by various xml publishers. Working with affiliate networks was a safe way of generating sales due to CPS commission model.
      Shopping engines – product base was showcased in popular marketplaces and shopping engines that generate a lot of traffic. Though the CPC commission model was a little risky, good titles and descriptions that define products guaranteed high conversion rate and return on investment.

    What conclusions can you draw out of it?

    It’s quite simple. Without the product feed starting an online campaign in Google Shopping, affiliate networks or shopping engines could take ages. Product feed makes it easy for the e-store to define which product features should be exported to specific online channels.
    Thanks to traffic and conversion analysis from new online channels, optimization was carried out where necessary. High ROI from xml advertising guaranteed that more budget was transferred to feed activity.