With feedink you can…

  • Create product files that comply with technical specifications of hundreds of our integrated publishing partners
  • Modify the product files to display only those products that you want to
  • Optimize displayed products based on Google Analytics data
  • Have control and keep good quality updated feeds

  • By using those features, you’ll see an increase in the conversion ratio of your e-commerce website

Simple management

  • Choose from hundreds of integrated partners – see the list of all our publishing partners.
  • You can easily create a product file for a specific publishing partner.
  • Haven’t found the partner you need? No worries, just let us know and we will add the partner that you need free of charge.

  • You have the tools to control what and how you want to display. How can you do it?

Powerful rules

  • You can modify your product file by means of simple rules.
  • We did our best to create the system that makes it easy for people with no technical background to implement even advanced modifications.
  • You can easily change the category name or add “Bestseller” tag.

  • Do you need to optimize your product feed?


  • Add Google Analytics as your source of data and profit from it in your product feed files.
  • Rules based on data from Google Analytics will display only the best-selling products from your e-store.
  • Plus, thanks to Google Analytics data you can easily add valuable data to your products.

  • Do you want to monitor the quality of your products?

Statistics and alerts

  • Look through the statistics panel and monitor the quality of your products. The product feed for each publishing partner will be monitored every day.
  • Check your product base every day and thanks to our automatic product alerts react quickly when any issue occurs.
  • Saved update history will allow you to recover data from last days.

  • Do you need to change product photo format?

Image resize

  • Your product file contains hundreds or even thousands of product photos but in some cases they aren’t adjusted to every advertising channel.
  • One of the examples is Facebook where a recommended photo format is 1200x628. Feedink system has a built-in functionality that allows you to scale photos to preserve high quality in various advertisements.

  • You don’t have a product file?

Webcrawling solution

  • You don’t have any data source beside your website?
  • We can build a dedicated crawler for you that will get necessary data from your e-store.
  • It’s the most effective solution that won’t engage your IT team and is 100% solid when it comes to creating a product feed with all inventory from your e-store.