If you plan to buy a perfect soundbar or a bike that perfectly fits your needs, you basically describe your expectations to the seller.

That is how we buy things offline.

Generally, it is not bad, but an increasing number of Clients is supported by intelligent algorithms while they shop. Due to such algorithms, the client sees adds of products, which are adjusted to his or her expectations.

Dynamic Facebook ads are perceived as a breakthrough in the field of online remarketing campaigns. They outrun other retargeting platforms, achieve better results and higher conversion indices. Basing on the users’ actions, such as likes, shares and comments, e-stores’ Facebook Ads will generate ads of products from product catalogues.

Apart from automaton of campaigns and intelligent targeting, Facebook Ads enable creation of stronger brand recognition – finding more people interested in specific products – through similar groups of recipients (lookalike).

Nowadays, Facebook provides you with tools for using the whole potential of your company. Learn more about each step and abilities of this social medium.

Discover challenges brought by dynamic Facebook ads:

In order to set up a dynamic Facebook ad you need to adjust the following options:

  • Facebook Business Manager – create a free Facebook Business Manager account. As a business administrator, you can manage all users, advert accounts and sites from one position. You are also able to control information available only for your employees. In order to set up an account, go to Facebook Business and go through two steps. Use your private Facebook account, confirm your identity and advert account. Then, go to Ad Manager.
  • create a product catalogue and product feed – once you register and confirm the account, you need to create a new catalogue, which will focus on products of only one brand. Completing one of the steps, you will be able to add a product file featuring all products within your range in the CSV format. The file needs to feature columns with product IDs, name, link to the product, link to the photo, description, category of the product and some other features. Depending on the size of the file, it will be processed within minutes up to an hour.

  • get a conversion Pixel on Facebook – you will have to adjust your conversion Pixel in the head of your site to display your dynamic adds to those, who visit your store. In order to do this, expand the menu and choose “pixels”. Go through the short configuration process, copy the pixel code and add it to all pages of your site.

Set a dynamic ad on Facebook

Dynamic ads are like other Facebook ads, which are usually visible in posts or on the right of the Facebbok page. The difference is that instead of creating an ad for each product from your catalogue, dynamic Facebook ads use a creative pattern for all images and details of the given product, available in the file with the product data. It fosters scaling of requirements for creating ads.

Go to Power Editor and click the “Create a campaign” button to create the pattern. Insert the name of the campaign and choose “Catalogue Sales” as your marketing objective. Create your ad set. Name the set and click “open”. You need to create a product set in the ad set. You may choose to promote all products within a catalogue or only some of them. Use filters to choose from your products.

Once you finish the configuration process, click “open” again. The next step is to select a group of recipients and the position of your ad. That is where the real fun starts. There is much space for configuration. Specify your target as much as you can, so that you can properly direct your range.

Now you can move on to creating the ad template. Facebook offers two ad formats – with one product or with several products. No matter which one you choose, you need to take your time and write a description. You may also add a call-for-action. Use a simple text and some keywords – they will be selected from the product catalogue.

It is vital to follow the conversion of ads on computers and mobile devices to be able to check which ones are more and less effective. Remember to select “Track all conversions from my custom audience pixel” in the “Track conversion” section.

Dynamic ads will be displayed as soon as the audience start to browse products which fit the rules you have set up.

Automatic avoiding out-of-stock products

Dynamic Facebook Ads provide many benefits. One of them deserves broader description. Dynamic product ads on Facebook facilitate managing availability of your products.

Product feed of your catalogue may inform Facebook on which products are in stock and which are out of stock. Regularly generated xml files will signalise which products are out of stock and hence, they will not be displayed. It facilitates the budget – ads which send clients to pages devoted to unavailable products are simply eliminated.


Nowadays, it seems impossible to run an e-store, build sales, image and brand awareness without Facebook. It is a powerful source of information about prospective clients. There is no other place where so many users simply leave so much information on their lives, preferences and so on. As tedious as the account configuration process may seem, the effect will surely compensate for the effort.