E-commerce is all about getting more and more future customers to your e-store by means of various advertising tools and methods.

This is why it’s at your best interest to use effective solutions that will perfectly get your prospect’s attention.
One of the ways to go about it is to use the product feed. It is a special file that has all the data on your product base that you need in order to use comparison engines or Google Shopping (Google PLA)
In order to keep it in a neat quality, we prepared the set of 3 ground rules that affect your products’ visibility in search engine results.

The more data the better

This can be repeated endlessly as it’s one of the major factors that contribute most to your e-store’s visibility. Products that you offer to your future customers should have three things in common. Basically, they need to be comprehensively described, equipped with all available data that fuel purchase decisions and graphically presented with good quality pictures.
What information is crucial in the product data feed? The answer is simple and says: the data that lets buyers to take in all necessary information on the products they browse. Precisely, specification, material type, size, colors, versions, availability, prize as well as information about shipping and product’s specific category.

Users look for specific items

When you put your products online, it’s best to already have the idea about your target group. Why is it so important? When you have a good consumer insight, you can easily match descriptions with what users are looking for. When you succeed at it, you’re on the right track to making your conversion rate higher.

What is the mysterious consumer insight really about? It’s the set of aspects that describe your target group, for example, age, education, interests, material status, clothing style, etc. It allows you to fine-tune your advertising claims so that your target group will be able to find the products that you offer. For instance, “Discounts” is a magnet for the price-conscious, “New” is for trends-conscious folks while “Large Sizes” for those who look for non-standard sizes.

Social media boost product visibility

There’s no denying that social media influence the product’s visibility online. Commenting, sharing, influencer’s recommendations – they all contribute to a product’s attractiveness. This is why you need to make sure that your advertising channels can benefit from your presence in the social media.

It’s worth remembering that active presence in social media is a great stimulant of a conversion rate so you should never neglect this form of promoting your online business.

A quick sum-up

If you choose modern methods of promoting your business, remember to invest wisely in all advertising channels where communication with users is possible. At the same time, keep in mind that you need provide users with good quality and detailed data on the products or services that you offer.
This is why you should pay attention to every detail that can influence the way your products are showcased and how attractive they look to potential buyers.