Danny Sulllivan, worker at Google, says:

„Today’s consumers do not just want an answer.

They are increasingly looking for significant, sensible and immediate help in fulfilling their daily shopping tasks. We can see this in our data: in the last 2 years, the number of requests / where to buy / increased by over 85%. What’s more, 44% of people who use voice commands every week say they use their device at least once a week to order products such as food and household items. It’s obvious that people expect helpful, personal and trouble-free interactions that will allow them to buy wherever and whenever they want, and want an easier way to shop.

Google Shopping Actions (GSA) will attempt to answer these needs. GSA is a collection of various vendors and brands that are to offer a wide array of products and services available in Google Express, which is still not available in Poland. Google itself defines GSA as “a shopping program that allows retailers to surface their products across different Google platforms.” Briefly speaking, GSA enables online vendors to sell their products in Google via a smartphone, a computer or a voice assistant.

However, Google’s definition goes on – “A universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment credentials works across Google.com and the Google Assistant – allowing your customers to seamlessly turn browsing into buying“. Just as the vendor obtains facilities along with GSA, the buyer receives them, too: they can use one cart for different stores regardless of the carrier, using voice assistant.

What are the advantages of releasing Google Shopping Actions?

#1 Increased e-store visibility

Every developing e-commerce tests every promotion space. One of the objectives of online sale is increased brand visibility, branding and making a brand available to as many customers as possible. Another place allowing to show a store is Google Shopping Express.

GSA promotion seems to be justified all the more that it provides new technologies. Google informs that over 44% of customers use voice assistant. More and more people in the US order household appliances by means of Google Assistant, which slowly changes the way orders are placed online. Shop owners in the US notice this form of sale and implement it more and more frequently in their strategies.

#2 Less inconvenience during online shopping

Shopping platforms are very popular due to the fact that they allow to buy products from various stores, all in one place and with one cart. We would rather go to shopping mall with all stores under one roof and one parking lot than drive around from one store to another. These are the reasons why Google implemented GSA: only in the US for the time being, but over time it will function in other countries as well. Do not forget that Google has billion users in all its services.

Imagine how much easier it will be to deliver orders. You have to organise a birthday party for you child? You have to buy various accessories, presents, candles etc. You place the order in a traditional way, with your laptop. Suddenly you hear that your dishwasher completed the dishwashing programme and you have to take out the dishes. Thanks to Google Assistant you do not have to place your order later. You can continue to do it with your voice. All fast and easy.