In e-commerce there are always a lot of things going on.

Mobile purchases, same-day delivery, new technologies, social media.

These and other features support online sale. A new online purchasing formula may soon be launched ­– Google Express. For now, the service is being tested in the homeland of Google – the USA.

How does Google Express work?

Google Express gathers online vendors in one place. Users can buy products from various stores online, but they do not have to enter their websites directly. To buy a product, the user simply uses the Google Express application or Google Assistant or orders the products with a computer at Moving around a kind of online mall, it is possible to add items to one cart for all stores. This will facilitate and accelerate your shopping.

It can be said that the platform is at the planning stage. In the US, a relatively insignificant number of vendors use the platform now. On the other hand, the “mall” remains an insatiable space and it is a perfect place for online vendors who will be able to compete with other stores more easily.

How has online shopping been facilitated for Americans?

After you enter the platform, you can browse through the categories in a user-friendly manner.

The tree of categories is not complicated. You can choose a proper department with products you are interested in or focus on a particular store supported by Google Express. The platform asks the user to provide their postal code. It is a simple function that results in better price adjustment, accessibility and transport costs better. Every product description is accompanied by the logo of a store offering the product. You can add any product to the cart, contrary to Google Shopping, for instance, which forwards you to the website of the selected store. In this case, you can go through the entire shopping procedure within Google Express.

Delivery costs for various products may differ. Allegro functions in a similar way. If the user puts two items offered by different vendors to the cart, they have to pay for two deliveries and the items may arrive on different dates. Google Express functions on a similar basis.


Google is very careful in placing new solutions on the online market. Google Shopping also waited some time before it went beyond the borders of the US. Google Express gathers a little number of stores in the United States. However, the e-commerce market requires testing every single revenue source. If this platform obtains positive results and becomes competitive for Amazon, the other global leader, it will probably be possible to test this selling channel in Poland after some time as well