There is no sense for an online store to run a product campaign void of a properly prepared product feed.

The point is not to have just any product feed that would include some specified title and meta-description attributes along with any other parameters.

On the contrary, it is essential to have an XML file that is perfectly developed and thus ensures best conversion for your Google Shopping campaign and the actions you conduct on Facebook.

Furthermore, it is also important to select an appropriate product name. Google algorithm will take the keywords that you entered within the product feed into account while determining whether your product will appear within the search engine or not. Based on keywords entered into the feed, such as title, Googlebot is able to evaluate if your product corresponds to the words that the user typed in into the search engine.

Check the 5 elements of feed that have significant impact on the campaign’s results

1. Title – product name

One of the columns of the XML file ought include place for the name of the product. This constitutes one of the most important criteria that Googlebot takes into account while analyzing search results. Thus, it is worth to ponder upon the name that you wish to include within the product feed. If your offer contains a coffee cup from an unknown manufacturer, it would be a bad idea to name the product as follows – cup + “manufacturer”. There are at least two reasons against doing it. First of all, nobody (or nearly nobody) will look for a coffee cup based on a little-known manufacturer. Second of all, you deprive yourself of the chance to display the cup from your offer according to color, material etc. It would be best if you described the product, i.e. “double walled coffee cup XYZ” or “red coffee cup”, “out of porcelain”. A person typing the phrase “double-walled coffee cup” into Google knows exactly what he or she is looking for. Thus, you can help the user to find the particular thing. Furthermore, it is also worth remembering that you have 150 characters with spaces at your disposal. Nonetheless, Google often cuts the name even though its below the limit. Therefore, remember the rule that the shorter, the better – but also do not omit the traits of the product.

2. Description attribute description

Describe the product thoroughly and in accordance with the description found at the target website.

Do not include promotional slogans, such as “free delivery”, in the description, do not write it entirely in capital letters and avoid using fancy foreign signs.

The description ought to include information about the product only. Do not enter links to your store, commercial info, information on competition, other products and accessories”

These are the recommendations provided by Google. It is of utmost importance to adhere to the limit of 5,000 characters. However, it is even more important to describe the product concisely and substantively. Google favors content. It is bad practice to enter information about promotions, overload the text with keywords and avoid capital letters. Furthermore, it is not worth writing that your product is superior to products offered by competition.

3. Photos of the product – links to pictures

It is hard to clearly determine what impact does the image’s description have on the search positions within PLA campaigns. Nonetheless, it is good practice to complement the images with a description that is adequate to the product. Thus, you need to refrain from random file names such as pic4345.jpg and go in favor of more specified ones, such as double-walled-coffee-cup.jpg. One of the reasons why it is worth doing so is the fact that such graphic file naming conventions will influence the SEO of your store. Furthermore, there is chance that it might affect the quality of your campaigns in the future.

4. Full product category – product type

This is another attribute that contributes to fuller and more precise – and thus more perfect – product feeds. Even though specifying the category is required and imposed by Google (you need to select it from a list that is available at Google’s website), product type is not mandatory as yet. Nonetheless, it is worth dedicating some time to specify the type. Why is this attribute so essential? Most of all, because it allows the advertisements to become more adjusted to the search results. If your XML file is clear and transparent, Google’s algorithm will evaluate its quality much higher and thus your product campaign will obtain better results. If you complement your product feed with information on the product type, you will provide an opportunity to obtain fuller division of the campaign and apply high rates for products with more convenient conversion.

5. Is is worth taking up additional work with further attributes – fight for your future and fill out the .xml file with additional information

Despite the fact that many of the additional attributes are not taken into account by Polish e-commercers, at least for now, it is worth considering them while developing your XML file. The more precise and clear your product feed is, the higher will Googlebot rate its quality. This ought to contribute to better and fuller targeting of your product campaigns. If you fill out your file thoroughly and precisely, you can be sure that all CTRs, CPCs and conversion will obtain higher coefficients while the ROI for your campaigns will be much more satisfying.

Additional and optional attributes include, amongst others sex, color, material, age group and size. Google provides an opportunity to fill out the file with such data and even though it does not take them into account, it might start doing so any moment. Thus, if your feed contains such information, you will get a significant advantage.

6. Necessity to use GTIN number

Since 14th February 2017 it is mandatory to provide GTIN numbers within the XML file prepared for Google Merchant Center. It is applicable to all products that are dedicated to markets where Google Shopping is available (besides handmade products). Google aims at providing its users with top-tier quality in the form of results that are perfectly adjusted to phrases typed within search engines. Observations conducted by Google resulted in the conclusion that adding GTIN numbers to XML files will improve effectiveness and quality of displayed advertisements.

Promoting an online store is a task that requires running campaigns on many different fronts. You need to take care of the content, content marketing, social media, mailing, SEO etc. E-commercers ought to carefully plan their multi-channel activities. One of the most important spokes within the whole machine is running PLA campaigns in the search engine. Paid advertising not only allows to increase sales but also helps build trust by making the store’s offer visible amongst various channels. Similarly to social media, it is important to introduce a thoroughly thought-out strategy (appropriate ratio between substantive posts and, for example, lifestyle posts as well as ability to manage crisis situations – cope with hate). In case of content marketing, it is necessary to combine expert knowledge with elements of SEO. As for paid campaigns that are managed through search engines, it is essential to ensure a high-quality product feed that will supply Googlebot with a well-balanced “meal”.