The category Home & Garden includes a unique scope of, not even as much as the products, but categories.

There is garden furniture, rattan furniture, accessories to the balcony, garden deckchairs, trampolines, foil tunnels and many, many other categories and subcategories, that can fit endless hordes of products .

All this must be somehow managed to prevent the mythical chaos, from which in this case order will not emerge. Thus it is worth launching optimization of products with their names. Precise specif action of product names turns out to be of crucial importance.

In order to gain valuable (read – converting) movement, you ought to apply yourself to determine the key words adequate for the products concerned. You should be guided by what the user type in their search engines. If the product is characterized by something unique (and sought-after), you ought to add this information to the name. For example, it may be associated with a style that it represents (e.g. Scandinavian style or retro). If you offer poster let the name include the title of the movie that it represents or the name of the band. This will be surely beneficial for obtaining views, traffic, sales.

Let take a look therefore at the configurations worth using in generating names for the products from the home & garden category.


Setting names for either interior or garden furniture is like a puzzle game. In principle, there are no clearly defined rules and no universal configuration. Even for one type product you should look for at least a few different keyword combinations. Depending on what is most important for real searches online. Below you can find the first naming proposal. In this case it is a corer sofa.

Brand + application + material + product type / color + index

In order to ensure that the name is optimally adjusted you ought to see how corner sofas are searched. It might turn out that as in this case the top priority will be the brand, because this is how users search for a particular corner sofa. Let the subsequent products features combine into a telling name that contains answers to basic questions about the product.


Another proposal for generating names with the highest potential is a name starting with the type of product. In this case we also deal with a sofa. Users often use search engines to look for sofas from a particular material. Why not add this information to the name? Then the color, another information on the product type and brand. This offers a wide possibility to find this product in the search engine.

Product type + how it is made + color + product type + brand


Another proposal, yet slightly different. This time you also immediately explain what kind of product it is, but next you inform to what room it is intended. People often followed by typing the type of product + room. Then goes the brand, color and application. In this case, already from the name the user will learn that the table is folded.

Product type + type of the room + brand + color + application

There is a lot of possibilities here. But you must put the names so as to give the best chance of finding the product on online. Upon doing this, you ought to verify keywords, for example in Google planer. You ought to thoroughly look at the quality of names and ranges of specific words. Then you just need to export to file and start the campaign.