Internet advertising is a topic on which every good e-marketing expert could give a long interview published in large volumes.

There are very many strategies, types of online advertising, tricks and possibilities of running an advertising campaign on the internet.

From content, through SEO to paid advertising on the web. How to get to know all of this and how to promote e-business?

Internet advertising – how does it work?

There is no unambiguous answer – testing, analysing and selecting the right forms of advertising on the internet is welcome. What does it mean? It means that we should try literally every possibility offered by the Internet. However, it is worth mentioning a certain division of e-businesses at the very beginning. The easiest way is to say that we are dealing with online stores and other forms of e-businesses. However, online advertising will ultimately be similar for both. The main goal for online advertising campaigns is sales. There are many paths. AdWords activity is slightly different from content marketing. AdWords are designed to provide answers to users in a search engine as quickly as possible. Goal – increasing traffic – user involvement – conversion (sale, but it can also be a subscription to the newsletter, depending on the purpose of the campaign). Content marketing is a more complicated form of advertising, for example by building an image of an expert, raising trust in the brand, which is to translate into a higher ordering rate for visits.

An advertising campaign on the internet

When promoting an online store, not only one advertising campaign is carried out. There are many of them, and we should really try each one, and then analyse the operation of Google shopping, remarketing, mailing campaigns or cooperation with affiliate networks. The conclusions we draw will allow budgets to be moved towards those channels that achieve better results. For example, if we sell dietary supplements and run campaigns for the membranous bulb on Facebook Ads and in AdWords, after 3 months you may find that FBAs results are much weaker than in AdWords. In that case, we either change something in the form of the advertisement or we transfer funds to Google.
Online store advertising. What to choose?

It is not that we read an article about the ways of advertising e-business on the internet and we decide impulsively of where we will advertise the products offered by the e-store. We already know that you have to try everything. Otherwise, we will not find out what works on such a living virtual organism as a store.

What do we have to choose from:

• Ads in paid promotion channels – AdWords and Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, video e.g. bumpers on YouTube,
• Content marketing – a broad topic that covers everything related to content that an e-store can generate. Blog, product descriptions, fan pages on FB or Instagram, video on YT or Snap, influencer marketing can also be classified as content (cooperation with Internet celebrities who will promote the brand and products offered), blogosphere,
• Marketing automation – logic-based technology, thanks to which we suggest to users products that may interest them. The technology uses cookies.
• Affiliate networks – they make it easy to reach bloggers and owners of other websites, who in return for promoting products on their own sites receive a commission,
• Positioning – work on the most important phrases for the store found in the top 10 search results,
• E-mail marketing – direct access to users with the offer via e-mail.

All this can be covered by one word – omnichannel. In other words, multi-channelling is still at price. Let’s try everything that the network provides. Advertising on the internet is not limited to this or that promotion channel. This is a huge advertising factory, which we must constantly optimize to bring the best results.