In a fairly competitive sector of online shops offering jewellery, there is little room for randomly chosen names describing products.

The names have to be as precise and perfect as precise and perfect is the finishing of rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Each product at the e-shop has its own characteristic features, is made from a certain kind of metal, has a specific length, intended use, is designed for women or men, and perhaps some product names should include the name of their luxury manufacturer, etc.

Read more about the key worth using while configuring the best, most adequate jewellery name pattern.

#1 type + intended use + shape + additive + material + additive + weight

In this case, from buyer’s perspective, the most important thing is the ring type. Including this information in the very beginning of the name makes finding the right piece of jewellery easy. Subsequently given are the parameters offering information about the key product features. This is convenient and fair. User neds not click on to the e-shop site to find out the key information.

#2 Type + shape + finishing + material

A classical bracelet made from high-quality materials. At a first glance already, you can find out many basic things about the product. It is important not only for users but also for Googlebot which builds correct name indexes and enhances product search.

#3 Type + material + shape + finishing + brand + colour

Just like that. The name provides answers to all initial questions. Looking for a necklace we seek information on the materialit is made from; we want to know if it is gemmed or not and what colour it is. A so-described product is much easier to find on the net.

These are but a few suggestions on how to build product names for rings or bracelets. The patterns need not be strictly adhered to but they are worth being verified with the A/B tests. Then we will be able to see whether juggling the name elements is a better solution. It may well turn out that for example including the material information in the beginning of the name will be more effective.