Electronic goods sell extremely well on the Internet.

E-shops describing each smallest parameter of a Bluetooth speaker, soundbar, smart fridge, functional washing and self-ironing machines, etc. do extremely well in virtual reality.

However, it is an extremely saturated, even oversupplied with electronic hypermarkets. In the jungle of products, you have to be very specific to be noticed. How to build product names so they attract customers’ attention?

What to pay attention to and what information should become part of the product name?

Of course, everything depends on the product type. Well configured names have clear impact on the number of displays, click-ons and conversions. Before we name an electronic product, it is worth considering what the key product data are.

#1 Brand + size + technical specification (processor + RAM + Disc + operating system)

The product name starts with the manufacturer’s name and the further we go the more information we get. The name is structured in such a way as to provide the largest number of details regarding equipment possibilities. Should the basic parameters satisfy the users, they will be more interested in as first they will choose the product described in a precise way.

#2 Product type + brand + characteristic feature + colour

We know from the start what we are looking at. The headsets described in this way are “exposed” to being quickly found on the net. If somebody is looking for a Bluetooth headset he/she will key in this phrase in the browser. Then comes the name of the manufacturer and other relevant information for users of the feature. The name already suggests that the set is an earphone and if blue is the favourite colour of the customer he/she will also put this parameter into the browser. The so described product is much easier to find.

#3 Product + brand + size + technology + special features + technology + size

It is an interesting offer which stimulates imagination in a more effective manner. In addition to basic information, the name also includes the display size in two units of measure, i.e. inches and centimetres. In addition, the Tv set name also contain information about technologies.

Let us not forget that the presented logical name suggestion for electronic sector products are not exhaustive. Selecting key phrases which will make up the name is a continuous process whose permanent element are tests. Try the suggestions, test them, change the sequences of words and see what works best in your PLA campaigns.