Clothes market is unbelievably rich with nearly endless product range.

Dresses – summer, cocktail, jersey, knitted, etc.; shoes – espadrilles, jodhpur boot, sneakers, derby shoes, etc.; jeans – skinny fit, regular, straight leg or loose fit.

Each garment has its characteristic features which if added to the name make it easier to find. What key to use when building a product name. We have chosen three the most common clothes types to take a look at the examples from the web:

#1 Brand + model + type + colour

Perhaps the screen does not show it very well but the name is not made up solely from what is written in capital letters. This is what you see in the browser:

And here is the screen shot from a shop:

It means that the name is slightly differently composed in the metatitle. So, it best answers user questions. We have the bran, dress model, its type and colour at the end. In fact, all the important information is part of the name. The order may come as a little surprise, but obviously the most important thing for this shop is to position the brand and then product type.0

#2 brand + model + cut + colour

What may come as a surprise is the colour name in English; however, the shop is popular enough to afford such eccentricity. Probably it is easier to find products whose colour is given in English. Apart from that, the name exhausts the topic – brand (popular and limiting the search) + model + cut + and the said colour.

#3 colour + shoe type + brand

A simple name structure, which contains three elements. In this case for the seller it is more important to define the shoe colour which is followed by the information that they are high-heels with the manufacturer’s brand at the end. Nothing can be simpler = you can object to the sequence of information to check what works best for our shop and make ourselves a little more prominent than other shops.

The clothes market is oversaturated and the competition is enormous. It would seem that a good solution will be to conceive unusual product names – so the shoes may be Magenta (instead of red) while the dress may be ethereal, whatever it means. However, on the net you need to consider statistics and their proper interpretation. Otherwise the [product will not be found as nobody looks for ethereal dresses but the cocktail, summer or shirt-like ones.