Shelves in stationary shoe shops are very specific, specially designed so as to present the product in the best possible way.

The shop space is divided into sections with women’s, children’s, men’s, sport or even elegant shoes. It is obvious.

In virtual reality, the situation should be similar and the role of the shelves in creating the PLA Facebook campaigns shall be played by ideally chosen names facilitating user’s search of the footwear type.
Regardless of the branch each product has its more or less relevant characteristics. Name configuration should start with an in-depth analysis. Presented below are some options which ale well-grounded and describe a particular product in an adequate manner.

#1 Intended use + material + characteristic feature + brand + type + type + characteristic feature

It is a detailed description thanks to which user will be able to identify the product details much sooner. Although in this sector, upon the first contact the image will play the key role, the customer will also have to be able to find a specific item. With precise description, this task should not be too difficult.

#2 Brand + intended use + model + product type + colour

Football footwear are keenly searched for on the Internet. A number of active players are fully aware of the novelties introduced to the market and know exactly what they are looking for. For this reason, the brand and model appear in the beginning of the product. It allows to meet expectations of customers who at the same time will be able to find a specific model much sooner and compare offers of different e-shops.

#3 Type + brand + serial number + colour

A simple name for specialised footwear. Someone looking for trekking shoes may look for a specific brand and for example specific footwear. Hence the basic information in the name. The name may be a little cooked up by adding information that they are for winter, women or men. The name length has not been fully used and it would be worth adding some extra information to extend the search scope.

There is no unambiguous formula for an ideal name. It may be the case that in January the same product will be searched in a different manner than in September. Therefore, one has to fiddle a little with product attributes and present them in different configurations. Nevertheless, the presented three examples are good ideas to follow; however, they need to be verified and modified adequately, where necessary, after a short period of time.