Regardless of the sales channel, operators have to at least once find themselves in the position of the buyer.

The same principle also applies to sports products. It is important that you ask the right questions replies to which are sought by the users.

Let’s not forget of the key elements of the product name which defines it very specifically. It is not enough to call the shoes for the indoor games, indoor sports shoes; they have their own brand, colour and may have a broader application than just indoor games. Let us build the product names by putting together the most important product elements so the name answers as many questions the users may have as possible.

Here are several live examples which work in promotion products through a well-configured name:

#1 Product type + gender + sport type + brand + model

Sport shoes have their specific use. In this case, the name refers not only to the sport that the shoes can be used in practicing but also determines the user’s gender. In the case of volleyball, the sport identified in the product name is a good idea. Volleyball shoes, depending on the gender may vary. In this way the field of search us much broader and makes finding the right shoes easier.

#2 Product type + sport + brand + colour

Nothing in particular. Just an ordinary tibia protector. But there are different kinds of them too. Those intended for footballers are different from the ones intended for the martial arts. It is therefore very important to define whether it is a footballer protector right after the information on the product type. Besides, the brand name comes as a standard (the task of the fans of this or another brand will be much easier) as does the colour.

#3 Product type + designation + brand + colour

Protection helmet safeguarding the head against impact after a fall is a very important item of a cyclist’s equipment; but not only. While roller-skating, rollerblading or rollerblading, we should also wear a helmet. In the example below, the name is not very long and you can immediately infer product’s intended use. The name provides information that the helmet maybe used to cycle and to rollerblade; you can also see the brand and colour.

Sports sector names are not particularly complicate or expanded. However, a user who is looking for protectors knows the discipline he intends to use them for so this information cannot be missing. Otherwise chances that the product will be found on the net are rather miniscule.