Regardless of whether we have had our shop for some time or whether we are just beginning our e-commerce adventure, we are bound to face multiple challenges. One of them us the eternal question of how to promote an online shop.The answer to that question is equivocal; it is modifiable as a result of new trends and continuously developing technologies. So how to promote an online shop? What to do for the conversion factors or ROI to be satisfactory?

E-business – how to run it?

Running an online shop may be associated with fighting battles on many fronts. An unending e-battle brings both victories and defeats. We are happy with the former; however, the latter should not be the reason for laying down the arms. Conclusions need to be drawn from promotional campaigns; we should set off to the battle field armed to the teeth. The war analogies are may be a little exaggerated but they very well represent the nature of work of any e-commerce manager or an online shop owner. One can refer to such clichés as: „One has to be consistent”, „Do not give up”, „Regularity is a must”, etc. It is all true but … well as on the battle field strategy in running a shop is also necessary.

How to promote an online shop?

The answer to the question how to promotean online shop may be this: with a strategy in your mind! The strategy should describe indetail specific actions to promote an e-shop in consideration of the sector, its specific nature, chances and threats as well as where to advertise an online shop. That is the point – where:

  • blog – is the cheapest way to promote any online shop. At the same time, it requires from the shop manager a substantial degree of consistency in its creation. If the online shop is new and without substantial budget, content has to be created on one’s own accord which may be difficult given the amount of work running the online shop. The effort will be worthwhile. Texts written in natural way, without excessive number of key phrases with time will determine the power of the e-commerce bringing in customers and building the image of an expert.
  • social media – first of all Facebook plays an important role in promoting e-shop. You can set up your fan page here, or invite friends asking them to share the information about the new shop. With time, it will be worthwhile to consider reach campaigns to increase the fan group. Let us make sure that the content is gripping. That may not be an easy task but certainly analysing competitors’ actions will be of great help.
  • Google – if we want to promote ourselves in the browser, we will have to allocate certain budget for it. Initially it may be difficult to rely on the organic traffic so following the example of an urban caller (a dead profession, the so-called click on announce special information with their loud voice that the shop has been launched. To this end, we may use Google AdWords and Google Shopping. Let us remember that introduction of a database into Google with thousands of entries is not an easy task if we choose to do it in an analogue output. It is worth becoming familiar with the product file which will massively introduce each product into the promotion channel on the browser.
  • affiliation networks – it is a way of promoting the shop worth paying attention to. The product file will be necessary here too. The affiliation network enables cooperation with a mass of bloggers, comparison shopping sites, e-commerce retail passage or marketplaces.
  • Blogosphere – let us also consider a moderately popularbrand ambassador to promote our products, attachlinks to their blogs, or will appear with the products on social media. Having a promoter makes the shop reliable.

How to promote an online shop on Facebook?

It is difficult to find another promotion channel which knows so much about its users. While carrying out paid campaigns on Facebook one can use the knowledge to ideally target the advertising message. At the technical level, we should use the product file on FB as well which will greatly enhance our management of product campaigns. The same social media offer possibilities of configuring the campaign. We can also run a fan page and promote it on Facebook ads, we can set up re-marketing, too. There are many possibilities. Each is worth using and analysing the effects they bring to undertake adequate measures – develop a particular promotion channel or transfer the resources to this channel which will convert the best.

We now know where to promote the internet shop and how to promote it. While undertaking an attempt at promoting the e-shop it can be generally said that the most effective way to promote an online shop is the use the so-called omnichannel. A multi-channel approach to the online sale is necessary for the optimum use of the potential of each online shop.