You run your e-store and have no idea what to do next?
Have a look at 8 steps that will help your e-business bring sales numbers up.

Identify yourself

Start off with identifying yourself online, make sure your contact details are easy to find. It shows that you’re an actual business entity, which is very reassuring for online shoppers. It’s good to have social plugins of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest; let them find you in various channels.

Users love special offers

It comes as no surprise that we love discounts. The special offers are used by all companies worldwide, both big and small. If you have no idea how to use it effectively, here are two tips for you.

Firstly, percentage reductions attract clients better than set reduced prices. User’s logic says that the more they buy, the more they will save. Secondly, it’s always good to keep the old price to highlight how much one saves with the new price.

Let product description sell

Nobody likes being in the dark when spending money. It means that it’s extremely important to describe well the products that you sell. Buyers want to know what they’re spending their money on and why this particular product is better than others.

Let them choose

Good product/service choice selection isn’t enough. Make sure your e-store presents all product variants that you offer. Show users that they have lots to choose from, so they will surely find what perfectly matches what they’re after. Plus, users like to compare before buying, so let them do it. Finally, showing associated or recommended products based on past searches is a good functionality to implement too.

Social proof

Are you familiar with the possibility of choosing the product based on bestsellers, best reviewed or most commented product lists? This is exactly what the social proof is, the rule saying that people with no clue what’s right, make decisions or take views represented by the majority. This is why you should always let your users to comment or review your product online.

Fast and user friendly site

Nobody likes waiting and browsing the sites which load slowly. This is something you should never save funds on. It’s simple, in order to make buyers come back to you and enjoy using your website, you need to invest in bulletproof hosting.

CTA optimization

CTA buttons that is “Add to cart”, “Search”, “Send” are the essential elements on your website. It’s important to test their design and placement to choose the one that’s easy to find and use by the buyers.

Simple shopping process

The last thing to improve is the shopping process which should be divided into a few steps. The simpler, the better. If offline, all you have to do is to approach the counter and pay for the product. Online buyers shouldn’t have to spend way more time on shopping either.