While running an online store, you need to obtain movement from all possible sources that might generate sales for this particular industry.
However, every e-business constantly struggles with, improves and optimizes one of the most significant e-commerce ratios – conversion rate.

Today, by using tools made available by Google you are able to specify – with military precision – the target group which leaves the history of its virtual travels in the form of cookies. This is what makes product remarketing so effective.

What is Dynamic Product Marketing in reality?

It is a form of advertising which is aimed at a specified group of recipients. For example, users who were looking for, inter alia, hiking boots, fly fishing or circumaural headphones. Upon using data saved within cookies, Google will display ads of specific products or alternative propositions which might interest the user on websites that use Google AdSense system. Configuration of such campaign can be narrowed down to groups of users who, by some reason, abandoned their shopping carts or used the searching engine within the store.

How does product remarketing work?

It is hard to escape from being “tracked” within the online world. In practice, all of our actions performed on the Internet are archived and processed, inter alia, for the needs of online stores. Google’s knowledge base is hard to comprehend but it gives the possibility of precise target advertising. The ability to use cookies suffices to have convenient, hit-the-spot ads displayed in AdSense partner networks.

However, nothing happens on its own. If you are an expert in advertisement configuration in Google tools, nothing stands in your way to manage the whole work on your own. The campaign ought to yield wanted results while movement ought to convert at a high level. Nonetheless, if you do not feel fit enough to properly configure remarketing lists, target groups’ parameters, budget range, CPC rates etc. it is worth reaching out to specialized agencies that have profound experience in conducting such activities (for example, Criteo). Specialist agencies use their own algorithms that allow to achieve better results. Upon using their own technology, it is possible for them to generate forecasts leading to machine learning based on gathered consumer information.

Google is not all

Facebook allows to combine your campaign launched within Google with products ads displayed on the social media portal. In order to achieve this, you need to use the so-called pixel. Therefore, your remarketing campaign will gain a powerful ally with great potential.

What might be the profits?

Profits resulting from running a remarketing campaign are in abundance. Most of all, it is an effective form of advertising which directly translates into increases in conversion rate. The generated movement is monetized more conveniently which means that the ROI (return on investment) rate will also reach a high level. In other words, sales in the e-store will grow. This direct influence results from the fact that upon running a remarketing campaign you are able to reach a more specified group of recipients. What is also important is that you can adjust the settlement model (CPC, CPM or CPA) so as to achieve the best results at the lowest costs possible.