Not only experts for managing online content, but also SEO experts perceive platforms for sharing online content as a very vital and popular tool.

Such a tendency results from the fact that the platforms facilitate directing traffic to the promoted website and, thus, influence its popularity. What speaks for the platforms is gathering quite a wide circle of influencers and fostering cooperation with them as a result.

It must also be noted that platforms supporting SEO campaigns enable receiving high-quality links. Services whose subject matter is approximate to particular needs may be found in an easy way.

Which platforms may be used? Are they equally attractive?

Whitepress – currently the largest platform for sharing content on the Polish market. It enables receiving links of the highest quality. They provide articles sponsored on both expert and counsel levels, influencers (with their profiles in social media). Moreover they provide us with opportunities for promoting articles through generating traffic from expert guest articles. Whitepress is one of the most recognised platforms as it values the quality of provided services.

Blogatus – as it contains major language errors, the full potential of this platform cannot be used. The reason for such an obstacle is the fact that the original text in English has been translated through automatic tools. Thus, messages sent by the platforms may be misinterpreted. The platform was launched for creating campaigns under tender procedures. The advertiser establishes the budget and publishers may participate. Blogatus features a market on which high-quality blogs and online magazines are uploaded. Although the database is not extensive, prices for publication are relatively high.

Influ – a platform whose advantage is a wide range of provided services. The Influ database features over 1200 publishers who may be found through effective filtering. The platform enables conducting content marketing, influencer marketing and link building activities. It is also a tool for reaching bloggers, vloggers, influencers, forum users, youtubers – all kinds of social media personalities. As the platform developed a large database of publishers, prices are reasonable. It offers a useful filtering and intuitive interface.

Linkhouse – they refer to themselves as a ling building agency. However, they provide many other services as well. Linkhouse may help you organise dedicated campaigns, create SEO microsites, manage relinking, word-of-mouth marketing, cataloguing, obtaining links from profiles, foreign and local links. The platform features many portals so the price remains competitive. Once you register on the platform, you have access to simple interface offering detailed filtering tools.

Vortalcloud – it enables simple and efficient publication of one’s own or ordered articles. The content is uploaded to categorised vortals (pages dedicated to one particular subject matter). The range offered by Vortalcloud is divided into packages enabling linking articles through one follow and nofollow link as well as one direct social media button. Although the platform cooperates with a limited number of portals, the price for its services is reasonable.

Reachablogger – a platform which connects advertisers and bloggers. Its aim is to establish business relationships between bloggers and advertisers. Reachablogger offers a unique and quite effective cooperation based upon so-called “inspired post”. An advertiser orders a post inspired by one particular product, service or instructions. Apart from that, the platforms offers expert tests and even mailing. What distinguishes this platform is the fact that the barter between partners is available. The drawback is that Reachablogger does not provide statistics concerning the available platforms.

Inflube – it enables creation of campaigns adjusted to a particular brand or product through cooperation with influencers. Many parameters, such as quotas and specific features, may be defined while configuration of the campaign is in process. Unfortunately, the platform is quite small, thus, one may reach only approximately 150 publishers (only 12 of them has their own website, the rest works in social media).

SN2 – this service is focused on international cooperation. It provides space for publishing and ordering articles in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Polish). It owns 40 portals published worldwide. Main services provided by SN2 concern sponsored articles. There are no limits in terms of the length of the published texts. Moreover, once it is published, the article stays on the portal forever. The text may feature as many links as possible. Unfortunately, the TrustFlow of websites is quite low.

Pozycjonusz – the experience in executing link building campaigns speaks for itself. Yet, its database coincides with Whitepress and its prices are higher. Despite these drawbacks, the platform offers professional services concerning development of content. It also provides access to thousands of online services operating within dozens of industries. Offered articles are written by professional journalists and language experts. Publications and writing costs PLN 100.

Godziolink – this platforms operates much like online shops and provides various packages of SEO links. From the shop one can access catalogues of websites, presell pages with synonymised texts, thematic links, fora, SEO link pyramids, etc. Unfortunately, it cooperates with a limited circle of publishers. Moreover, the price is not encouraging. However, while ordering a text the client may choose images or buy a package, which results in a lowered price.

Obviously, some ranges are more attractive than other ones. While choosing such services, one should consider one’s needs in terms of content or influencermarketing actions. Each platform has its pros and cons – some of them are more developed, some provide more limited services. Whitepress, an intuitive, developed and affordable platform, is definitely worth considering. Linkhouse and Influ are quite reliable as well – they offer high-quality websites with high Trustflow and Domain Rank rates.