ReklamAction is a Turkish platform for affiliate marketing. Like many other affiliate platforms, it connects publishers with advertisers that need advertising space for their products. This article will explain when is it worth considering using ReklamAction and how to integrate your online store with this tool.

What makes ReklamAction interesting?

ReklamAction enables advertising in more than 200 countries. However, since the platform is based in Turkey, we recommend using it mostly to those who want to advertise in Turkey or other Middle Eastern countries, because this platform is dominated by publishers from this region.

We already know that ReklamAction specializes in affiliate marketing, but ads are shown not only on news portals and blogs. Besides, ReklamAction allows advertising on many video services and popular social media sites. The advertisers have at their disposal many advertising models (CPC, CPL, CPV, CPI) and analytic platforms thanks to which they can monitor and analyse campaigns’ statistics and turn off campaigns that don’t bring much value.

Integration with ReklamAction – step by step guide

The first step you have to make to start using ReklamAction as an advertiser is registration through a form on their website. After that, someone from ReklamAction should contact you to specify the terms of cooperation.

After registration, you will get the access to advertiser panel. Then you should start integration with your website using API. You will also need the product feed in a suitable format required by ReklamAction. You can prepare it yourself based on guidelines available on ReklamAction website or automatically using Feedink. Thanks to us this process will not take more than few minutes and your product feed will be tailored to all ReklamAction requirements.