NetSalesMedia connects thousands of publishers with as well as countless advertisers, that could publish various affiliate programs. When it comes to publishers, both big news portals and small blogs may benefit from the cooperation with NetSalesMedia. How to join this network? Does the advertiser need a product file to start the first campaign?

All you have to know about NetSalesMedia before you start using it

NetSalesMedia is a Polish platform for affiliate marketing that was established after NetSales and SalesMedia fusion. Both networks belonged to Cube Group – hence the decision to merge them.

The new platform offers many interesting functions that NetSales and SalesMedia didn’t have before. These include the customer journey analyses, the personalized attribution models, and many other new functionalities. Besides, NetSalesMedia provides publishers and advertisers unique technical solutions and accurately measures conversion paths thanks to which provisions are charged transparently and fairly.

Currently, NetSalesMedia collaborates with the following brands: Empik, Groupon, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Tchibo etc.

How registration in NetSalesMedia looks like?

To start cooperating with NetSalesMedia you should register on the platform as a publisher or advertiser.

If you want to start cooperating with NetSalesMedia as an advertiser, in the next step you will have to determine your target group and choose an advertising model (CPC, CPS, or CPL).

Whereas, the publishers can apply for affiliate programs that appropriate for their profile by clicking on the “apply” button. Then, the publisher just needs to wait for verification made by the advertiser (it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours).

Advertisers adding an affiliate program to NetSalesMedia of course have to prepare the product feed and share it on their profile. Product feed should be reliably prepared because otherwise, publishers may have difficulties with finding appropriate products to promote on their websites.

You can easily prepare a product feed fulfilling all NetSalesMedia requirements with Feedink. Our tool allows automating many activities related to the management of the product feed. Thanks to us your product feed will be always up-to-date and adapted to the requirements of multiple platforms – not only NetSalesMedia.