Complex price models of mobile services and products used to be limited by the possibilities of their being presented in PLA.

Products and services from other sectors can be easily promoted in product adds.

Recently, Google enabled a new option for Telco – transfer of particular products and target sites advertising smartphones covered, or not, by subscription or prepaid SIM card.

What does the data transfer look like?

Users looking for their ideal telephone and service want to know facts – price, activation and subscription fees. For the e-consumers to be able to quickly find the information, suitable data need to be uploaded on PLA. The „price” attribute has to contain all constituent elements of the price. To this end, Google has enabled dedicated marks, i.e.:

<g:amount>0.00 PLN</g:amount>
<g:amount>29.99 PLN</g:amount>

It is also possible to provide a „0” price so that Google does not prompt us of an error and reject our products; to this end you need to specify the following: equal “267”, i.e.: Electronics > Telecommunication > Telephony > Mobile telephones

The same applies to colours and sizes. Those data also need to be precisely defined for the user to be provided with a complete offer.

What are the advantages of the new option?

At last, we can reach the carefully selected e-customers. Detailed data provided for example in the product feed, will enable Google to present all information which makes up a complete offer. It will be easier for the user to find a product satisfying his/her needs.

Is the service generally available? Are there any criteria?

For now, the service is officially available in 10 countries, these being:

• Argentina,
• Brazil,
• Chile,
• Columbia,
• France,
• Germany,
• Mexico,
• Ireland,
• Great Britain,
• USA.

Not all facilities are available in every country. For example, in South America and in Mexico you cannot provide data of mobile telephones with subscription. All options are available in other countries:

• Mobile telephones without subscription at a fixed price,
• Mobile telephones without subscription on instalments,
• Prepaid SIM cards, fixed price,
• Mobile telephones with subscription.

From our experience, these options are available in Poland and are accepted by Google.

For more information regarding Google requirements and specification use these links:

How to optimise sites for the best presentation of mobile products and services

First and foremost, the terms presented in the add should be consistent with the content of product or service site. Otherwise the offer may not look professional or may give rise to suspicions. Explicit information about activation and other fees should be provided. We cannot surprise customers with extra costs upon ordering – it may lead to the basket being abandoned.

We must not forget that all information provided to Google Merchant Centre forming the basis for the adds need to be compliant with the laws and regulations applicable in the country where the offer is presented. Although in Poland, the new option is not yet available, we can sell outside the territory of Poland.