New standard of product feed.

TradeDoubler, an international affiliate network, has introduced a new standard of product feed (Products API) that will allow publishers to increase the efficiency of their ads.

In order to meet the needs of advertisers, feedink system contains ready-made integrations fully compatible with the technical guidelines set out by TradeDoubler. The file is sent through our system directly to TradeDoubler API. That’s how the advertiser can receive a tool that will allow them to expand cooperation with the affiliate network and make this marketing channel even more profitable.

Products API feed specification is quite complicated and imposes numerous restrictions when it comes to data transmitted to TradeDoubler. All parameters of the feed must be arranged in a correct order and contain the appropriate data type. What’s more, one has to transfer the product feed directly to TradeDoubler’s server via POST method, which can complicate things for the clients who use this tool. However, there’s a positive outcome of this process, too. It enables TradeDoubler to impose one uniform data structure on all advertisers, which makes it easier for publishers to use this tool. Now they have access to a collective product database through which they can build dedicated affiliate websites enriched with detailed product information.