Okazje.info is one of the most popular shopping services in Poland. You can use it to promote products in all categories, since the platform is not focused on only one particular industry. Integration with Okazje.info is very straightforward and intuitive, however it is worth paying some attention to creating a proper product feed, because it will have effect on campaign’s results. Let’s learn what to look for when starting advertising on Okazje.info.

How to make a product feed adapted to Okazje.info’s requirements

Okazje.info requires a product feed in an XML format. When preparing it, focus on following attributes:

  • Producer’s code / EAN – it is very important to provide it in correct format, otherwise the product may be wrongly categorized.
  • Product pictures – the quality must as high as possible.
  • Availability – it is a very important parameter, because it prevents from redirections to out-of-stock products.
  • Old price – if you decide to make a discount, necessarily include the old price in the product feed as well, so your clients will know how much they can save.
  • Additional attributes defining how the product looks like – thanks to parameters like colour, size, or style users can filter and search for products they’re the most interested in.

Of course, these are not the only product attributes available on Okazje.info.

The product feed file adjusted to Okazje.info can be also prepared automatically with Feedink. Our tool enables automatic updates as well.

Integrate your store with Okazje.info – next steps

When your product file is ready, you have to register on Okazje.info as a seller. Already at this stage, you will need the link to your XML product file, so it is very important to prepare it beforehand.

After the registration, you should receive a contract through e-mail. If you agree to proposed conditions, you need to sign it and send a scan or fax to Okazje.info.

In the next step, you will receive access to your seller account. Then, you should fill the information about your internet store by adding logo, detailed description, delivery costs, self-pickup locations, etc.

Complete integration shouldn’t take more than 2-5 working days.