There is no personalization without Big Data. This is how you can describe the value of mass storage is simple words.

Thanks to the abundance of information left on the Internet, advertising systems are able to search for precise data from which they can draw precise conclusions. A modern dynamic advertisement must draw data from Big Data. After being processed, the data allows to display a personalized advertisements at the users’ screens.

How could Big Data influence the development of an Internet store?

In one way, it constitutes a virtual seller. It means that if you skilfully draw data from Big Data, you will be able to comprehend that the user is searching for a long-haired carpet, new green crocs or a Scandinavian-style office desk. However, having such information at disposal is not enough. You need to know how to use such info as well. Cookies that leave traces after virtual journeys comprise an excellent source of information. Thanks to Big Data, you can sieve the things that are obsolete from your business’s point of view and use the things that will allow you to reap benefits.

Big Data will help you to personalize online advertisements, run re-marketing campaigns as well as allow you to use the created behavior profile of an ideal customer. The so-called clone modeling is based on the idea that the established profile of an ideal customer is cloned thanks to Big Data analytics. This, on the other hand, will provide you with a possibility to search for users that suit the profile as close as possible. As a result, the advertisement will be displayed to those who indicate the highest potential for purchasing your product.

Why is Big Data such a powerful tool?

Nowadays, traditional means of promoting products indicate lesser effectiveness. With the ability to use Google’s enormous resources that are processed in petabytes on a day-to-day basis as well as preferences among Facebook users who often click on the “Like” button, share links, post photos and hundreds of hours of films uploaded on Youtube or tweets that amount to millions a day, there is no other way but use this amenity.

Big Data fight on numerous fronts

No matter how many campaigns you run within your online store, part of them is surely based on information drawn from Big Data. The already mentioned re-marketing, dynamic advertising online, mailing, RTB campaigns, AdWords and Google Shopping – all are closely related to mass storage. Thus, it allows to successfully plan behavioral advertisement and provide users with products from your store’s offer – the products that they are looking for. The systems will also decide whether it is best to not display the advertisement at some times. They will examine the chances for success and possibilities of conversion. Today, there is no ability to successfully compete without Big Data. By using the biggest source of knowledge on potential customers, you can thoroughly adjust the message so that it is noticed by the users.

All the above mentioned advantages of data will be in most cases available when combined with product feed. This once again indicates how important it is in today’s advertising world.