The price comparison websites are platforms, without which some customers could not imagine shopping on the Internet. For an e-commerce store owners it is also a great option. With price comparison websites they can easily gain customers’ attention and increase brand awareness. However, not all online entrepreneurs use this possibility. What are the benefits of using it? Which price comparison website to choose? Below you find the answers to all those questions, we are also presenting the ranking of the best price comparison websites in Poland.

What is the role of price comparison websites? Why are they so popular among customers?

Price comparison websites – as the name suggests – compare similar products from many online stores. We can sort products by:

  • price (usually it is the key criterion),
  • availability,
  • name of the producent,
  • number of positive opinions.

When you find the product that suits your needs and budget, the website usually redirects you to the page of the store from which that offer comes from. There you can buy the product and rate both – product and price comparison website. Some websites (e.g. allow buying the products directly from their page.

Consequently, the price comparison websites reduce the time needed for shopping on the internet. You can visit only one website to choose the product suitable for your needs by using advanced filters, instead of browsing hundreds of online stores. It is a very practical solution, so there is nothing surprising about its popularity among internet users.

How price comparison websites work?

Price comparison websites don’t work like Google Search, which automatically scans all web pages published on the internet. If you want to show your products on a price comparison website, you have to upload them there. Uploading products to Ceneo or other price comparison website is free, however the page will charge fees for clicks on specific links, e.g. 0,30 PLN for a click on a link redirecting to the brand’s website. The prices may differ, depending on the price comparison website.

Therefore, does it make sense to sell your products on price comparison websites? Absolutely! You need to take care, however, of campaign optimization in order not to pay for unnecessary clicks. Also, you have to create and optimize product feed that contains data about all products that you want to sell on a price comparison website. Each platform has a large set of requirements for a product feed so in the next paragraphs we take a look the most popular price comparison websites in Poland.

Polish price comparison websites – top 5 of the most popular platforms – 18 000 e-Commerces


Ceneo is the most popular price comparison website in Poland. You can automatically create Ceneo feed using most of eCommerce platforms,  you just need to install an appropriate app, choose products, and map appropriate attributes. The product feed can be then uploaded to Ceneo. Remember that for a truly effective campaign, you have to regularly optimize and update your product feed.

Ceneo uses CPC pricing model and sometimes charges a small sale commission, but only when a user buys the product directly from their page. – 2500 e-Commerces is one of the major polish price comparison websites. Users can compare there not only prices but also opinions about products and also use discount coupons.

To start the campaign on Okazje you will also need XML product feed. The data should be preferably saved in Okazje format. Other formats are also permitted, but we recommend to save the product feed in the dedicated format focusing on the attributes essential to, otherwise campaign efficiency can go down.


Nokaut – 1800 eCommerces


Nokaut, like other mentioned price comparison websites, doesn’t charge fees for adding the products to their website, instead it uses CPC payment method.

To start a campaign on Nokaut, you need to prepare XML product feed in Nokaut, Ceneo, or Google Shopping format. Nokaut makes updates two times a day (in the morning and in the evening). Their system pulls the data from the product feed,  that’s why it always should be up-to-date.

The position in Nokaut’s ranking is determined by CPC rate – exactly like on Ceneo. Your store will be positioned higher, if it becomes popular among users. The most clickable products are usually shown on the top of the ranking. Beside that, what matter is high quality pictures and precise descriptions and attributes. The more precise information in the product feed, the better.


Homebook – 450 eCommerces


Homebook is another, a little less popular price comparison website, but since it’s focused on products in Home&Garden category, it is a leader in this sector.

Homebook also operates on a CPC basis. To sell on this platform, as usual, you will need to create XML product feed. We recommend concentrating on attributes specific to Home&Garden sector, like colour, pattern, weight, material etc.


Domodi – 450 eCommerces


Domodi is a fashion platform belonging to Domodi group which is also the owner of Homebook. On Domodi users can compare prices of clothes, shoes, and accessories from more than 450 stores. Domodi accepts XML product feeds in Nokaut, Ceneo, and Okazje format.

Ceneo, Okazje, Nokaut, Domodi – which one to choose?

Much depends on sector in which you operate. Before you start a campaign, check who are the users of each platform, to be sure that your target group is present there.

If your budget allows it you don’t have to limit yourself to only one platform. For example, if you are a fashion store owner you can be present both on Domodi and on Ceneo. As experiences of many eCommerces show, it can be a very beneficial strategy. Multi-channel marketing can improve your brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience.

However, managing so many campaigns can be challenging, so if you plan to advertise on different platforms, we recommend you to explore the feed management features on Feedink.

With Feedink you can create product feeds compatible with many integrated platforms, not only price comparison websites. One-click is enough to convert Ceneo feed to format. With us, you also don’t have to care about updating the feed, because the data is automatically imported from your page. In effect, your product feed will be updated automatically when you change the products’ prices or descriptions.

See for yourself what you can gain from using our platform!