Christmas shopping involves a long journey of users on the web to find the perfect gift.

It is worth noting that the group of Internet users buying online is increasing year by year.

According to the Gemius report for 2018, the percentage of online shoppers is already 56%. The trend of taking shopping online is growing and it seems that nothing will change there. For that reason, it is even more important for online stores to prepare for Christmas campaigns. A special offer, suggestions of Christmas gifts, or something else?

Changing the Store Image – Is It Necessary?

Online stores are seeing an increase in sales for the holidays. It’s obvious and the same goes for the offline world. Stationary stores tempt customers with beautifully arranged exhibitions; they are richly decorated especially for Christmas. Is this necessary in the e-shop? In a sense, yes. This is not about rearranging the entire design, but about adding a few flavors that will testify to the fact that the online store is involved in its work. If these effects and “decorations” are missing, the customer may feel ignored, and may even think that the store does not care about its image. Let’s show that we have great Christmas gift ideas in a special separate tab. Let’s also make price ranges and prepare some occasional banners.

Small Present, Grand Gesture. Add Value

This standard is appearing in an increasing number of online stores. Buy for PLN 150, and we will add an extra gift to your package. It’s nice and encourages to make bigger purchases. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Often times, suppliers offer something that the e-store can then gift to customers. Let’s clearly inform about it on the banner and on the shopping path – e.g. “just PLN 10 more to receive an original Christmas gift”. This is the so-called added value of shopping. E-consumers receive these types of gifs very well.

Occasional CTA. How to Use It Well?

It might seem a trifle that is not bound to change much. There have been many articles about CTA, and there is still ongoing discourse about it online. Why? CTA is one of the elements that make up the effectiveness of an e-store. If the button contains a prosaic “next” or unconvincing “enter”, the conversion will not necessarily go up. CTA is a short text that should convince, encourage to buy, move on, check the offer of the online store, especially for the holidays. Not only should we name it differently, such as “find out more gift ideas” or “shop and receive a gift”, but we should also think about the design of the button itself. Let the button resemble a sleigh, Christmas ornament, or let it be wrapped in angel’s hair.

Those might seem as details, but they build the store’s image and make clients feel exceptionally served. Such efforts as building a special offer for the holidays in the online store, suggesting ideas for a Christmas gift, as well as a well-developed holiday graphic layer contribute to building greater trust not only in the context of the holidays themselves and increased sales, but also the entire brand, which will also gain beyond this period.