Nokaut, like many other price comparison services, uses XML files for integration. In this article, we explain this process step by step and suggest how to sell products on Nokaut effectively.

How Nokaut works? is not only a price comparison service, it is also a network of publisher whose websites are visited by around a million of users. It means that our offer will be shown both on and other services that join its network. Based on XML product file in Nokaut format, you can also set up PLA campaign in Google AdWords.

How to integrate an XML product file with Nokaut?

To integrate your store with Nokaut you have to create a seller account on Nokaut Merchant Center. If you are using a platform that allows automatic integration (for example Shopify), Nokaut will import your product file automatically. If not, you have to do that manually by adding your product file through the appropriate configuration option on Nokaut.

Your imported data will be visible in the offer section. There, you can block any offer or category if necessary.

Within 24 hours after integration your offer will be visible on Nokaut, but first you have to charge your account.

XML product file required by Nokaut – which attributes are the most important?

For Nokaut the most crucial are the following attributes:

  • Full name of the product – if you are selling electronic equipment, it is worth checking detailed laptop and notebook naming guidelines. They are available at Nokaut website.
  • Full description – it could be HTML code or CDATA.
  • Correct URL address – it should include http:// and domain address.
  • Price – cents should be separated with a dot. Price digits should not be separated with spaces and currency abbreviations should not be included.
  • Producer.
  • Category.
  • Image or image gallery URL – it should lead to high-quality photos.

Apart from that, it is worth adding optional attributes to the feed, like product size or information about warranty.