The virtual reality holds no place for whining, the online world overtakes in new trends, applications, updates, tool etc.
Being responsible for marketing actions at an e-store or other types of Internet activities, you should pay close attention to novelties and amenities appearing on the market.

Google consistently remains the leader in introducing changes and providing constantly updating tools. The giant from the Silicon Valley does not allow us to get bored and we cannot afford to lose focus. This is the biggest market player. It is worth to closely acknowledge the possibilities it provides.

Learn about the several free tools the knowledge of which is a must:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner – key word planner

While developing online sales, or in order to promote your brand in the so-called SERPs (Search Engine Results Page; that is – the 10 top-tier browsers), you ought to get familiar with key phrases that define your business or might be searched for by users in terms of purchasing a particular product. In order to use the planner, it is sufficient to have a Gmail account. Data that will be available will be utmost helpful in configuring AdWords, Google Shopping campaigns or SEO activities.

Google Analytics

Similarly to Google Planner, it is a backdrop tool in order to be fully able to efficiently develop online campaigns in the Google browser. The tool is powerful and requires knowledge in abundance. Only with GA are you able to precisely evaluate the functioning of your AdWords campaign. Analytics also allows you to analyze each of element of the campaign and, as a result, provides the possibility for its efficient optimization. In GA, you get to know the convert rate from different activities and worldwide, what is the movement on the page and how much time users spend on the site. And this is only a part of the tool’s abilities.

Google Search Console

While functioning of GSC might seem a bit similar Analytics, the information you can obtain thanks to it are really interesting and time spent on the tool will definitely not be lost. Literally, you can engulf yourself in searching what phrases are displayed on the browser and which are related to your site, what position are they displayed on, how many clicks do they have and what percentage do clicks account for regarding displays.

Google Trends

It might not be the most popular tool introduced by Google, but if you conduct intensive content marketing activities you might run out of further topics at one time. Google Trends gains from data left by users and indicates what particular topic would be popular for a specific inquiry. Thanks to GT, you will be able to check what topics will be searched for in near term.

PageSpeed Insights

Do you want to check how fast your site is? Does it load quickly enough? Does it display on mobile equipment? Then use PageSpeed Insights. This tool will quickly x-ray the www site and indicate dangers that ought to be optimized. You simply need to provide the site’s domain and you will know if there are any images of too much weight, too complex JavaScript or extended CSS. PageSpeed also provides guidelines on how to improve specific content on the Internet site.

There is no possibility to avoid Google in any online marketing activities. Google is not only a giant that has a lot to say in the sales and service segment but also a partner that introduces new free tools allowing you to efficiently conduct your promotional and sales activities.