Advertisements published on the Google Shopping channel entitled “Product Listings Ads” (PLA), are one of the most effective and simple methods of acquiring the motion, which, in result is supposed to increase the sales results.

Advertised creations make it easier to attract users making purchases, i.a. because they are distinctly placed in the search results and possess visual format.

Succeeding in conducted PLA campaigns results from various factors. You must remember about a photo of a good quality, a name well describing the product, the properties of given product. PLA Campaigns may have better or worse strategy. Learn 9 tricks, thanks to which your campaign shall be managed and optimised even better.

#1 The larger the product file, the better

This means nothing but that your product file should contain as many products as possible. This way Google shall register them faster and show your products in the search results. If you have small number of products in your offer, it is better to start the campaign from singular advertisement groups directed at a common set of key phrases. Then, it shall be easier for you to determine whether Google Shopping was a good idea. Monitoring and optimising efficiency is easier with one advertisement group.

#2 Optimise feed according to SEO trick

It should be remembered, that auction does not include key phrases, which are adequate for group of products. The control over whether your product is displayed in the search engine is limited. You have possibility to set a precise product name, though. Remember, that you may modify its name, description or type.

The most essential element is the product name. You should think very carefully on that, what is supposed to be there. It is worth to consider if adding the brand of the product, colour or type of material to the name will prove a good idea. After all, nobody is searching for just a dress, but e.g. a red silk dress. Both the product name and its description have to be useful for the user. To answer his/her questions.

#3 Do not forget to consider the excluding key words

Admittedly, you do not have the possible choice for key words, which will be displayed in the PLA adverts, but by all means you can define the excluding words. Due to this, you shall point which phrases should not be displayed with your products. If, for example, you sell shoes exclusively for women, then exclude the words for men, children, masculine, for boys, etc. This way, your budget will be managed better and will not burn out on missed key words.

#4 Focus on products, which are bestsellers

It is worth to conduct thorough analysis at an angle of sales and add those products which rotate best, to the chosen advertisement group. Increase the rates because this will improve your exposition of the most popular and the most profitable products. As for products, which do not achieve any results in Google Shopping, they are worth-moving from the category in which they were, into the new advert group with lower rate.

#5 Send the feed product every day

Why? The answer is simple. Google promotes sellers, who provide the most up to date, coherent and clear date. Sending the file every day makes it sure, that promoted products present current information. This is a good practice due to the possibility of increased occurrence in the search results.

#6 Select a photo, which will distinguish your product against the competition

Make sure, that your product does not get lost among other displayed products in the search results. Distinguish it with an unique picture which immediately attracts attention.

#7 Optimise your product file at an angle of additional extensions

Google introduces additional promotion extensions in the Polish language version. You will be able to enter additional information that applies to your product. New configuration shall comprise even the choice of proper holiday period, or a specific day (e.g. Mother’s Day,Valentine Day,or Black Friday). Percentages may also be able to show up in the search results, the amount by which the price will be reduced together with information on which product group, you will be able to specify the duration time of the promotion and also add a promotional code.

#8 Allow yourself to be evaluated, make use of rich snippets

Admittedly rich snippets concern not only the left reviews by the offered products, but in case of online sales it is them, which have the essential significance. Ensure that the client is satisfied with the purchases made in your online store. Positive experiences forge into good opinion, which the client may post on the product offered by you. What for? If your product has 7 highest grades, then by this product on the search list 5 golden stars will appear with an information, that 7 such opinions were left. And you will gain advantage over your competition already on the search engine level. Users much more often click on the links with the highest ratings. Grades of such a type distinguish your adverts and show that your product and service are characterised by high quality.

#9 You cannot forget about the GTIN numbers

From May 2017, Google introduced an obligation to introduce GTIN numbers to the product files(Global Trade Item Number). Every seller is obliged to provide product feeds in which there is a column with a GTIN number. Google informs, that thanks to these numbers they have easier time determining the sold product and brand. This way exposition of the product is increased, because Google gains more details about the offered product. In Poland, there is EAN number instead of GTIN number, or in other words, the bar code.

You need to keep the lights on all the time in the campaigns conducted in order to increase the online sales. It is not even about constantly changing guidelines or new solutions appearing. You can quickly adjust to that. However, the fact of changing trends and users expectations may prove a little harder challenge. Constant control over conducted advertisement actions is required while remembering about the good practices. Every well supplemented element in conducting the advertisement campaign in Google builds the image, improves conversion and in result, increases the sales.